Pee Aye Creative 2020 year in review and future plans

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Pee-Aye Creative 2020 Year In Review & Future Plans

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In this post we are looking back at everything that happened in 2020 and also giving you a few hints at some of our plans for the new year.
Nelson and Tashia Miller Family 2020

Divi YouTube Video Tutorials

It has been an honor to have 4,400 of you join us as YouTube subscribers in 2020 on the Pee-Aye Creative YouTube channel! We are shocked and amazed at the growth, and love replying to every single comment that you write! We truly appreciate you and always smile when you share your amazing feedback!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

92 New Divi Written Tutorials

We have spent hundreds of hours creating written Divi tutorial blog posts solving problems, creating solutions, and sharing tips about the Divi Theme and Divi Builder. We get tired just thinking about all the work we have put into this! We had literally hundreds of thousands of people benefit from our free content in 2020, and that is almost unbelievable but very satisfying! Look for this free content to continue!

New Divi Facebook Group

We are pleased to host The Divi Teacher Facebook group of likeminded Divi users. This group began about a year ago and has grown to 2.8k members! The group functions as a place for all Divi users to hang out and share their experiences, tips, and questions about using Divi in their business and marketing. 

New Divi Product & Course Membership

We are pleased to announce that we have officially released our Divi product and course membership. We call this the Divi Adventure Club, and it includes access to every product or course that we have available. We offer annual and lifetime options, which give you access to everyting that comes out either for the year or for life. Since we also include all courses, all plugins, all child themes, and everything that we release during your plan, it is kind of a no-brainer.

Divi Adventure Club Product And Course Membership by Pee Aye Creative

4 New Divi Plugins

It has been an exciting year of plugin development! We have released 4 Divi plugins this year, and have developed quite a lot more that are not quite released. Take a look at each one of them below.

Divi Events Calendar Product Featured Image
Divi Timer Pro Countdown Module by Pee Aye Creative
Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative
Divi Social Sharing Buttons Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

3 New Divi Courses

We started the year with with one course already published, the Beyond The Builder course. Then we added to the collection with 3 more, and have many more to be released in the coming year! Take a look at the new ones below.

How To Make Divi Responsive Course Featured Image
Divi Theme Builder Course by Pee Aye Creative 1
Introducing the Divi Beginner Course by The Divi Teacher at Pee Aye Creative

3 New Child Themes

Since we focussed so much on new Divi plugins, we backed off a bit on new child themes. However, we have been working on new ones to release in the new year which are going to be pretty epic!

In 2020, we released our second Divi LMS template. The first one was for Divi and LearnDash, and this second one is for Divi and LifterLMS. We also released Divi Handmade and Divi Photographer, two child themes that are popular for their feminine styles.

Our Plans For The New Year

We are writing this at the end of 2020, and nobody knows what the future will hold. We have many plans and hopes and dreams, and we want to let you know some of what we are working on for the Divi community in 2021.

Plugin Updates

We have huge 2.0 updates coming for the Divi Timer Pro and Divi Responsive Helper plugins. Those are nearly finished and should be released in January if all goes well, but with software, we are never quite sure when we will finish testing.

Remember, these are just the next updates. We will continue to innovate and release constant updates for all of our plugins, but we do need your help. Let us know what you want to see added to any of our plugins, and we will take your suggestions seriously.

New Plugins

We are almost ready to release 2 Divi plugins. We are finalizing testing, demo sites, documentation, etc. After that, we will have another one, and anonther one, and another one. These are halfway done, and will be released in early 2021. Our list of plugin ideas is quite long, and we are actively working on around 6-10 at any given time.

I know you are wondering what those plugins will do! Unfortunatley, only the members of the Divi Adventure Club can receive that information, so I can only give hints here.

  • We don’t release plugins that any other vendors already has.
  • We try to always solve a problem with our plugins rather than only provide a “nice to have” feature.
  • We also enjoy adding things direclty to the existing Divi Builder in suprising and untraditional ways.

We hope those hints wet your appetite for what we are cooking up!

New Divi Courses

We are workign on several new Divi courses, some of which we have already hinted at various times. We have two courses that are in active progress,, and as a hint, one will be super helpful to pretty much every single person who has ever used one of our tutorials.

New Child Themes

We actually have several child themes almost ready to release that are by far our best ever and are really going to be helpful for some popular niches. We will make a series of themes in several areas where there are none so far, so that is really exciting.

New Divi Tutorials & Videos

Even though it takes quite a lot of effort, we are committed to releasing at least one written tutorial and YouTube video each week! We also will be throwing on new Divi feature reviews, Divi pro tips, and Divi FAQ posts. This does not include new documentation and product tutorials, which we do in addition to the weekly Divi tutorial.

New Member Perks

We are working on a super helpful and unique new Divi resource which will be exclusive for members of our Divi Adventure Club. We can’t tell you yet, but if you build websites and like to use code snippets, you will want to have this resource at your fingertips.

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