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Divi Carousel Maker Plugin Feature Update 1.2

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I'm excited to announce a new version update to our Divi Carousel Maker plugin with a huge range of new navigation button features!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Settings Toggles & Tabs

I mentioned in our 1.1 update that we may be adjusting the settings toggles as we add more features. Due to the extremely large amount of new navigation features in this 1.2 update, we felt it was wise to separate the navigation buttons and controls into separate toggles.

Divi Carousel Maker Design Setting Toggles 1.2

In previous versions, the navigation arrows and dots settings were simple and easy to access, but as we keep adding new settings, we found it necessary to add some organization to the settings. You will now see three tabs inside the Navigation Buttons Settings toggle and the Navigation Controls Settings toggle.

Divi Carousel Maker Navigation Buttons settings tabs
Divi Carousel Maker Navigation Controls settings tabs

You can expect to see more tabs and toggles in the future as we add more features and settings.

New Navigation Buttons Features And Settings

Changed Navigation Arrows To Navigation Buttons

If you are updating from a previous version, just be aware that terminology is now changed for most settings. You will now see “Navigation Buttons” instead of “Navigation Arrows” for setting labels and help text.

Divi Carousel Maker Navigation Buttons Type setting

Note that after choosing one of these options, additional relevant settings will appear in the Common, Left, and Right setting tabs.

New Vertical & Horizontal Navigation Button Position Settings

We always had predefined locations for the navigation arrows, like side, top center, bottom left, etc. But now you can fine-tune the exact location of the buttons with new vertical and horizontal navigation button sliders. 

Divi Carousel Maker Left Navigation Button Vertical Position Setting
Divi Carousel Maker Left Navigation Button Horizontal Position Setting
Divi Carousel Maker Right Navigation Button Vertical Position Setting
Divi Carousel Maker Right Navigation Button Horizontal Position Setting

Custom Button Text

When you are using either the new Text Only or Both Arrows & Text Navigation Buttons Type options, you can now set the custom text for the button! By default, these say “Back” and “Next” but you can write your own custom text if you want!

Divi Carousel Maker Left Navigation Button Text Setting
Divi Carousel Maker Right Navigation Button Text Setting

Conditional Navigation Buttons

If you turn the Infinite Scroll setting off, then the carousel will have a left and right limit on how far it can scroll in that direction. In order to prevent confusing from users, this setting allows you to give a visual indication that the start or end limit has been reached, and they cannot scroll any farther in that direction. You can choose to hide the buttons completely or change their opacity. This setting only applies when the Infinite Scroll setting is turned off and Navigation Buttons are turned on.

  • Hide Buttons
  • Change Opacity
Conditional Navigation Buttons setting in the Divi Carousel Maker
Conditional Navigation Buttons settings in the Divi Carousel Maker

Hide Settings When Using Continuous Smooth Scroll

We also are now hiding all the entire Navigation Buttons Settings and Navigation Controls Settings toggles if Continuous Smooth Scroll is enabled, since you can’t use those together. This will hopefully eliminate any confusion.

hide navigation settings when using continuous smooth auto scroll in the Divi Carousel Maker

New Navigation Controls Features And Settings

Terminology Updates

In previous versions, the only type of navigation controls were “navigation dots.” But now we have more options, so just be aware that some terminology is updated. “Controls” are the main term, and there are now different types of controls, including dots.

Divi Carousel Maker Navigation Controls Type setting

Note that after choosing one of these options, additional relevant settings will appear in the Common, Default, and Active setting tabs.

New Navigation Control Dots Settings

We had navigation dots in the original version. But we only had settings to change the color, not much else. Now you have full control over the dots with settings like color, border, width, height, box shadow, spacing, and alignment. These settings apply to either the default or active dots, allowing you to style the active dot differently from the others.

New Navigation Control Numbers Settings

One of the new controls features we added is numbers. This adds a number for each slide in the carousel. The numbers have default and active design settings. You can style everything including the spacing, padding, alignment, font, text size, text color, borders, box shadow, and background color.

New Navigation Control Images Settings

Another new controls feature we added is images. This one is rather unique. It adds an image picker to the settings, and each image is associated with a slide in the carousel. A label is automatically added to the images to indicate which carousel module it is synced with, and these can be arranged as needed. The images have all the same default and active design settings as the dots and numbers. You can style everything including the spacing, alignment, borders, box shadow, height, and width.

Divi Carousel Maker Navigation Controls Images

Other New Features

Added New Portfolio Module Offset Number Feature

Just like the Divi Blog module and our clever addition to the Divi Shoo module, we finally figured out how to add the offset feature to the Divi Portfolio module. Now you can showcase your projects in the Divi Carousel Maker!

Divi Carousel Maker Portfolio Module Offset Number Feature

Divi Library & Global Support

Now you can save a carousel as a section or row to the Divi Library as a “global” layout and use it on another page. It works just like other Divi global items, meaning when you adjust the settings at one location, it also updates at the other location. This was a tricky feature to add due to the nature of the plugin, but we think we got it working well now.

Reset Icons On All Settings

This is a minor improvement, but worth mentioning. It’s nice to be able to quickly reset any setting value to the original defaults. I think everything is consistent now!


As with all of our products, every setting and feature of the plugin is well documented! Every time we release a new update, we also have the documentation updated as well! So you can always check there for more information about any of the new features.

Go check out the plugin documentation area for a full list of the design settings, a guide to set up and customize the carousel, and all the other usual resources like FAQ, changelog, roadmap, and more.

Divi Carousel Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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