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Divi Conditions Feature Overview And Use Cases

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In this tutorial I will give you an overview of the new Divi Conditions feature and share some use cases how we are using it on our website.

ā–¶ļø Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! šŸ‘†

Theme Builder + Conditions = Perfection

First of all, let me say that the Conditions feature in Divi really works great with the Theme Builder. You’ll see what I mean as we go, but basically it allowed me to reduce the number of templates I had in half! That’s right, it’s really interesting.

#1. Show/Hide Documentation Links

The first use case that I’m going to show you in the video is in our plugin documentation Theme Builder template. We previously had to add each document post from each product into a specific category, and then assign the Theme Builder template to that category. We had to do this for all of our products, so this was a ton of Theme Builder templates! There was no other way to handle it. Until now! I am now using the Conditions feature to combine all the plugin docs into one template and show and hide the list of documentation links, product links based on the documentation category. It works great! No more changing a dozen template designs, if I update the layout it happens once and done. (Please watch video to see what I mean.)

Divi Conditions Feature use case 1 on Pee Aye Creative website

#2. Show/Hide Relevant Purchase Options

The second use case is on our product pages. We have Divi courses, child themes, and plugins, and then we have a membership with everything included. On our product pages, we have the details for the individual product vs. the membership. This is a “global” section located in Theme Builder templates and also directly on product pages, so when we update it in one place it updates everywhere. Because it is global, it does not work on all types of products. I wanted to keep it global for efficiency when making changes, and I also wanted to personalize each headline per product type, so my workaround is to add all three to the same section and show them based on product category.

Divi Conditions Feature use case 2 on Pee Aye Creative website

Just below the screenshot (visible in video) is one more item using conditions to show or hide the subheading prompt to select a plan, which only shows on variable products.

#3. Show/Hide Promo Bar Banner

The third use case on our website is the promo bar at the top. During our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale week, I set the section to only show after the date of Thanksgiving day at midnight and only show before the date of December 4 at midnight. So the section showed up only during the sale. Pretty nifty!

Divi Conditions Feature use case 3 on Pee Aye Creative website

#4. Show/Hide Call To Actions

This fourth use case is very similar to the last one. Using the same conditions based on date, I showed a call-to-action add on the sidebar of our blog posts.

Divi Conditions Feature use case 5 on Pee Aye Creative website

#5. Show/Hide Countdown Timers

The fifth use case of the Divi Conditions feature on our website is the countdown timers on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales page. I actually used two countdown timer modules. One counted down to the sale start date, and I used a condition to hide the module on that date when the timer ended and the sale started. The second countdown timer showed up with the other one hid and the sale started. This one counted down until the sale ended, then hid again based on the date. Pretty easy, pretty cool.

Divi Conditions Feature use case 4 on Pee Aye Creative website

#6. Cart upsells

Last but not least, I had some fun with this one. Basically, I am showing an ad about our membership in the cart page whenever the membership is not already in the cart. If the membership product is in the cart, then it hides. Pretty simple really, but also super relevant.

I also switched over to the new Divi Cart modules, which allows me to show the other cross-sells, which is really great and deserves it’s own video.

Divi Conditions Feature use case 6 on Pee Aye Creative website

#7, #8, #9, #10…

I have only been playing around with these casually for a few weeks. Who knows what else I could add here. I would love to hear your ideas in the comments! How are you using the new Divi Conditions feature?

UPDATE: Divi released new features for the Conditions, including custom field conditional logic. Check out our new tutorial about custom field conditions!

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