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Divi Events Calendar Plugin New Feature Update 1.3

Divi Events Calendar Feature Update 1.3

I'm excited to announce the new features in our Divi Events Calendar plugin, which includes a new calendar view module and much more!
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Take a look at the short video going over the features of version 1.3. There are several notable changes.

#1. A New Calendar Module!

Brand new for this update is another module! The new calendar module allows you place a monthly calendar view anywhere in your Divi layout.

new module month view feature update for the Divi events calendar module

So far this is in beta. As of now you can change the calendar text styles, but we are planning more styling controls for the various parts of the monthly calendar view. This was a popular feature request, and we are pleased to get this out. Bear with us as we add even more features!

#2. New Features

New Layout Options

We added several new layouts to the Divi Events Calendar module in the Layout toggle of the Design tab. This brings the total number of layouts as follows:

  • 1 Column – Image Left, Details Right
  • 1 Column – Image Top, Details Bottom
  • 2 Columns – Image Left, Details Right
  • 2 Columns – Image Top, Details Bottom
  • 3 Columns
  • 4 Columns
new layout options in the Divi Events Calendar module

Event Offset

One of my favorite features in the Divi blog modules is the “offset” feature. We love that feature, so we decided it would be cool to add an Event Offset feature to our Divi Events Calendar module!

new event offset number in the Divi events Calendar module

Here’s an example of what you could do:

Set an event module with only 1 event. Style it in such a way that it is the featured or latest event. Maybe you want to have a different layout for this first one. Then, in add a second module and change the Event Offset to “1.” This way it the second module can be styled differently or have a different layout, but will not show a duplicate of teh first one. Pretty neat!

Event Background Color

This is really nice, because now you can set a background for the whole module AND for individual event cards. This is above and beyond even what the Divi blog module has, so we are really excited about this.

Featured Image Border Settings

Again, going beyond teh norm, we added convenient border options to the featured image thumbnail. This is so handy and we hope you enjoy this new feature!

#3. Fixes

We always want to keep improving even the little things. In this update, we changed the default font to the standard Divi font. 

Last updated Jul 10, 2020 @ 7:04 pm

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