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Divi Events Calendar Plugin Feature Update 2.0

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I'm pleased to announce the highly anticipated 2.0 update to our Divi Events Calendar plugin, which includes tons of new design options and two new modules!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Events Feed Module Features

Pagination Options

We added two new pagination options for events. The first is just like the Blog module. The other one was a bit more difficult, an ajax load more button. Here are the settings that relate to this new feature:

  • Normal Paged pagination
  • An ajax Load More Button
  • Custom Button Text input field
  • Full design styling settings for the Load More Button
pagination options
load more button settings

Icons And Labels

A new feature that also is included in the Events Carousel and Events Page modules is the ability to add and customize icons or label to the event details. This option is available when the event details are stacked. 

  • Labels
  • Icons
show labels or icons on event details

You can set the color of the icons or label with new settings in the Design tab.

icon and label colors

Other New Features And Changes

There were a lot of other changes that were smaller but just as important. These are some of the many things we did to bring the module to a level of maturity.

  • Show or hide event title
  • Show or hide the event time zone
  • Detail text link color setting
  • Image box shadow settings
  • Removed a redundant layout option
  • Rearranged some settings
  • Updated all settings labels and help text

View all the Events Feed module features & settings in our documentation.

New Events Calendar Module Features

Event Category Selection

You can now choose with event categories will show in the Events Calendar module! We always had this in the other module, but now you can use this calendar view on certain page or places where you just want to showcase events in a certain category.

Date & Time Format

We also added custom date and time format options to override the default WordPress settings. This again is similar to the Events Feed module.
Divi Events Calendar Events Calendar Module Content Settings

New Elements Toggles

You now have full control over the content and elements of the tooltip. Below is a list of all the new settings:

  • Show Tooltip
  • Show Tooltip Image
  • Show Tooltip Title
  • Show Tooltip Date
  • Show Tooltip Time
  • Show Tooltip Time Zone
  • Show Tooltip Price
  • Show Tooltip Excerpt
Divi Events Calendar Events Calendar Module Elements Settings 1

Upcoming Events Improvements

We added the event time just above the event title on the calendar. I really like this and think it adds the perfect touch. In addition, we made the event title wrap instead of get cut off, which looked kind of sloppy before but now it looks great. We also made the title into a link, which means you can now click the event title to go to the single event page.

screenshot 2020.10.21 16_33_18

New Calendar Design Settings

In our previous two updates, we introduced the monthly calendar view module in our Divi Events Calendar. This module was fairly limited until now. We were working on new design settings from the start, but it takes a lot of work to do this. The good news, they are finally here!

  • New Days of the Week background and border design settings
  • New Calendar Days text styling, background, and border design settings
  • New Upcoming Events text styling, background, border, and spacing design settings
  • New Navigation text, background, and border design settings

New Tooltip Design Settings

When you hover over the upcoming events in the Events Calendar, you get a tooltip with the event image, title, date, time, excerpt, etc. Up until now the design of those features were default. Now we have added brand new settings for this!

  • New Tooltip settings
  • New Tooltip Image settings
  • New Tooltip Title Text settings
  • New Tooltip Detail Text settings
  • New Tooltip Excerpt Text settings
screenshot 2020.10.21 16_39_53

View all the Events Calendar module features & settings in our documentation.

#3. New Events Carousel Module

We decided it was time to add another module! A few people asked for a slider or carousel, so we delivered! This module can be best described as a combination of the Events Feed module and the Divi Slider module. There are way too many settings to name here, so just click the link below to go to the documentation and see what all all is included.

  • Navigation arrow and dot controls
  • Design settings for the arrows and controls
  • Animation timing settings

Events Carousel Module Settings & Features

#4. New Events Page Module

We didn’t stop with just one new module. We also added one specifically for making the single event pages! This has been one of our top requests, and we are thrilled to see it finally ready. There are way too many settings to list here. The best place to learn what all is new is in our documentation.

  • All the event data options from the single event pages now in a Divi module!

Events Feed Module Settings & Features

Divi Events Calendar Product Featured Image

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  1. Luke Wulsin

    Hey! Can I change the color of the Details icons from the standard blue in the Events Feed module?


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