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Divi Responsive Helper Plugin Feature Update 1.2

Nelson Miller Profile Orange
We have an exciting update to our Divi Responsive Helper plugin, which dramatically improves the user experience and adds new features!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

#1. Major Improvement

Relocated Preview Size Settings

Our plugin evolved faster than we planned, and before we knew it we were adding features inside the builder where we didn’t really want them. The way it worked, we were showing our Preview Size settings when the responsive tabs for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone were opened. We never liked them being there, and from the beginning planned to move them out of the builder to a better location. And that finally happened, and I think you will will be happy with this decision!

We moved both the Presets and the Custom Value settings out of the sections/rows/modules and down to the page settings next to the responsive icons. This felt like the best place to put them. Like before, you can enable one or both of these features from the Theme Options settings page.

relocated the preview size settings in the Divi Responsive Helper to the page settings

Learn more about these features in our Preview Size Documenation.

#2. New Features

Column Number

This is a new feature that allows you to select the number of columns you want side-by-side on tablet and phone! So let’s say you want two columns next to each other on mobile insead of the default one — easy peasy!

We added this featured under our Column Stacking tab in the Theme Options settings. Inside that tab we renamed the Column Stacking terminology to a more appropiate “Column Order” and then added “Number of Columns” below it. The settings for both of these appear in the Row settings in the Advanced tab.

Enable the Divi Responsive Helper Column Stacking Settings In Theme Options

Once this is enabled in the Theme Options, a new setting appears in the Row settings to choose the number of columns on Tablet and Phone.

new feature in the Divi Responsive Helper to set the number of columns on mobile

Learn more about this new feature in our Column Stacking Documenation.

Customize The Preset Sizes

Another feature we added is the ability to set your own custom preset sizes for the Preview Size! Before this you had to use the preset sizes that we set, but now you can change those in the Theme Options. You can choose three preset sizes for each device, so 3 for Desktop, 3 for Tablet, and 3 for Phone.

customize the Divi Responsive Helper preview size custom preset sizes

Learn more about this feature in our Preview Size Documenation.

#3. Fixes

WooCommerce Settings Conflict

We noticed the Widow Fixer settings were conflicting with some WooCommerce settings, which was keeping the autofills from showing up like when adding related products or similar input areas.

Extra Theme Support

We almost forgot about Extra (and I think Elegant Themes did too). This was a super easy fix, we just had to change something to make the extra tab show up in Theme Options for the plugin settings.

Learn More About Divi Responsive Helper

If you are not using this plugin yet, please visit the product page and learn how you can use make your website look great and function well on all devices with the help of our huge suite of over 50 awesome features and unique settings in this ultimate Divi responsive toolkit!

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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Comments By Others

  1. Shehzad Asif


    I was looking for a plugin like this considering it for breakpoints as divi breakpoints are not as other builder provides like elementor or webflow etc. But then I found out that this plugin only shows previews not breakpoints where I can change the values as I like to be and backed out to purchase this plugin. You know in some situation when you are using big letters you need to look for more breakpoints so that layout does not break at any point. I wish you could add breakpoints to this plugin.

    Shehzad Asif
    Front End Developer

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) <span class="comment-author-role-label author-label">Author</span>

      I think breakpoints are much, much less of a need than people think. We can’t add breakpoints, or we would literally “break” Divi, so that’s impossible unfortunately. Again, what you described is what our plugin helps you to do, by changing the preview size, you can adjust the font size to a perfect average for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone.

  2. Ron Linders

    Hi Nelson, what a great job man! This is really a big step forward in designer responsive websites! Love it and use it all the time when developing me websites but also to review older ones. Keep up the good work!

    Regards, Ron

  3. Francesco schinaia

    thanks today i’m a happy man. all the novelties of the plugin are very useful!
    I am happy to be able to simply decide the number of columns for the mobile version .. an incredible lack of eleganttheme.


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