Divi Responsive Helper Plugin New Feature Update 2.1

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin Feature Update 2.1

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
We continue to develop and add new features to our popular Divi Responsive Helper plugin and are pleased to announce this new 2.1 update.

New Features

Responsive Settings For Navigation Menu Per Device

This feature was released with version 2.0.2 but it was not announced in a major update post yet. This is one of the most exciting updates this year! it was also the most difficult to develop. I personally use this and it is a real headache saver when you want to show different menus on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone devices.

responsive menu selection in the Divi Menu module with the Divi Responsive Helper plugin

Disable Hover Effects On Touch Devices

Hover effects do not work well on devices without a mouse, and this has always been an issue in Divi. Now with our new toggle, you can simply disable any hover effects added in Divi modules on devices that are touchscreens. So now hover effects will not awkwardly appear after touching something on tablets and phone.

If you want to disable this feature on any element, simply add the CSS class “pac_drh_responsive_hover_effect” in the section, row, or module.

Show Open Menu On Mobile

Sometimes you want to remove the hamburger menu icon and open the menu instead on Phone devices. There are many use cases for this, and it’s nice to have this as a simple setting. Enabling the setting in Theme Options activates an additional setting in the Menu module for showing an open menu instead of a hamburger menu. 

Totally Custom Media Queries

You can now create your own media queries! Simply enter a min-width and max-width value into the settings, and write or paste any CSS code into the box. Any code in the box will apply on your website between those custom sizes! No need to mess around with writing your own media queries anymore! Once you add the min and max width values, go ahead and add your CSS to the boxes. Remember, there is no need to wrap the code in a media query, the plugin does that for you! 

Divi Responsive Helper Custom CSS Media Queries Settings

Exclude Sections, Rows, Modules From Widow Fixer

This feature gives you more granular control of the Widow Fixer, allowing you to exclude any section, row, or module. This feature first needs to be enabled in Divi>Theme Options>Divi Responsive Helper>Widow Fixer.

Once the feature is enabled, you need to add a CSS class to the section, row, or module that you want to exclude from the Widow Fixer. To do this, simply open the settings of that element and go to the Advanced tab. There you will see a toggle called CSS ID & Classes. Open that toggle and place the CSS class “exclude-drh-widow-fixer” into the CSS Class input field.

Theme Options Export/Import

As you know, we cleverly added our settings to the Divi Theme Options panel. One thing we overlooked, and a customer pointed out, was that when using the portability feature to export the Theme Option settings from one site to another, our settings were not included. We made some adjustments to the code, and now our Divi Responsive Helper settings will export and import as well. This is a really great way to save time by using the export file as a preset of Divi Theme Option settings that can be used on all your new sites.

Widow Fixer On Responsive Content

Another feature is support for the automatic widow fixer when different written content is used per device in the responsive Desktop, Tablet, and Phone tabs.

Disabled Divi Responsive Views In The Backend

Our lovely feature to disable the built-in Divi responsive viewer worked fine on the frontend visual builder, but now we have improved it to also remove their settings in the backend as well.

Don’t forget, we have a live demo site showing all the features. We keep our changelog updated always. And be sure to browse the documentation to see everything in detail.

If you are just learning about our revolutionary plugin and haven’t purchased it yet, you should check out the Divi Responsive Helper product page.

Control Divi column stacking order on mobile

Last updated Oct 29, 2021 @ 2:40 am


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