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Divi Responsive Helper Plugin Feature Update 2.2

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We continue to develop and add new features to our popular Divi Responsive Helper plugin and are pleased to announce this new 2.1 update.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Features

Responsive Settings For Post Count Per Device

The Divi Blog, Gallery, Portfolio, and Woo Products modules have a setting to enter the desired number of items to show. However, this is very limited because it does not have responsive settings, meaning the number of items that looks good on desktop will get super long on phones, and this is not a good user experience. It would be great to have responsive options for this, which is exactly what our plugin provides!

The latest version of Divi Responsive Helper plugin includes a responsive icon and tabs inside the existing Blog, Gallery, Portfolio, Filterable Portfolio, and Woo Products modules which allows you to enter the number of items you want to display on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone devices.

Divi Theme Options showing item count in Blog Gallery Portfolio Woo Products modules
Set the Blog module post count for Desktop Tablet and Phone with the Divi Responsive Helper
Set the Gallery module image count for Desktop Tablet and Phone with the Divi Responsive Helper
Set the Portfolio modules project count for Desktop Tablet and Phone with the Divi Responsive Helper
Set the Woo Products module product count for Desktop Tablet and Phone with the Divi Responsive Helper

New Global Text Line Height Options

Until now, you could set global text sizes for all heading and paragraph text for each device instantly from Theme Options, but now we took it a step further and provide a line height setting as well!

NOTE: We renamed Text Sizes tab to Typography to better represent this change.

We also added some divider lines between each section to visually break it up and make it easier to see the group of settings. We also renamed the setting labels here to distinguish text size and line height.

new global line height options for text in Divi Responsive Helper

New, Rearranged, Updated Menu Settings

We have completely changed the menu settings. Now the settings in Theme Options affect the default header menu, and we added a new toggle and settings inside the Menu module. This is great because now the Menu module has full support for these settings, and each module can have different settings! Yay!

Some settings that existed in the previous versions are now available in the Menu module. And some settings are new to both the default menu and the Menu module. For more information, please refer to the full plugin settings list.

Divi Theme Options Menu settings in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.3
Menu Module settings in the Divi Responsive Helper plugin

Show A Hamburger Menu On Desktop

This new setting allows you to replace the normal open Desktop menu with a hamburger menu instead.

Add Text Beside Hamburger Menu Icon

Sometimes you want to give a simple word beside the menu, like “Menu.” Now you can, and you can customize the word or text as well. The word will appear to the left side of the hamburger menu icon.

Collapse Mobile Menu Submenus

In Div by default, all submenu items just show opened. This can lead to very long menus, and it’s not very tidy and neat. This new setting solves this with a simple setting to collapse the submenus in your menu. It adds a small toggle icon to the side to open and close the submenu.

Open/Close Submenus By Clicking Parent Menu Item

This next new setting takes it a step further. After the submenus are collapsed, you can also choose to open and close the submenu by clicking the parent menu item. So for this, just keep in mind that it effectively disables the parent menu link. The parent link becomes the clicking point to open or close the submenu, just like the icon. 

Don’t forget, we have a live demo site showing all the features. We keep our changelog updated always. And be sure to browse the documentation to see everything in detail.

Learn More About Divi Responsive Helper

If you are not using this plugin yet, please visit the product page and learn how you can use make your website look great and function well on all devices with the help of our huge suite of over 50 awesome features and unique settings in this ultimate Divi responsive toolkit!

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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