Divi Social Sharing Buttons Module Plugin 2.2 by Pee Aye Creative

Divi Social Sharing Buttons Feature Update 2.2

I'm excited to announce an update to our Divi Social Sharing Buttons module plugin with new settings and features.

If you are using the “custom” sharing options (meaning a custom title, link image, description rather than the default post details), then please be sure to read the entire post as we have made a very important change to how it works, and you will need to enable a new setting

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New Features

Dynamic Content For Custom Sharing Options

As you know, our plugin was the first plugin on WordPress and Divi with custom sharing options for the title, image, excerpt, and link. But until now, you had to add the custom content manually. Now we have added dynamic content support, which means you can connect and auto-populate the sharing title, image, description, and link with custom fields!

dynamic content for custom title sharing in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module
dynamic content for custom message sharing in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module
dynamic content for custom link sharing in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module
dynamic content support for custom image sharing in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module

Open Graph Meta Tags

We are excited to introduce a new feature – open graph meta tags! If you are not using an SEO plugin, you can now enable a simple toggle in Divi Theme Options, and our plugin will add open graph meta tags for generating the title, image, and text required for sharing on social media sites! First, our plugin checks to see if you have any of the popular SEO plugins – Yoast, Rankmath, or All-In-One SEO, because if you are, then you should be using the open graph features in the SEO plugin. But if you do not have an SEO plugin for whatever reason, now you have the option to enable open graph for social sharing with our plugin! Simply head over to the Divi>Theme Options and click on the Divi Social Sharing Buttons tab. There you can enable the toggle called Enable Open Graph Meta Tags.

enable open graph meta tags in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module

Custom Sharing Changes

In version 2.0 we introduced a totally new feature not available in any WordPress plugin that enabled the user to share a custom title, image, description, and link instead of the default page/post title, default page/post excerpt, default page/post featured image, and default page/post link. To make this work properly, the plugin automatically  added a special PHP file (dssb-sharer.php) in the root directory of the site. But recently some hosting providers were blocking this from being automatically added. When this happened, we provided a notice in the admin dashboard explaining how to manually add the file. But recently some hosts are also blocking this. So we have changed how this works, and the details below explain everything you need to know.

What Is New/Changed?

We now have a new setting to enable custom sharing in the Divi Theme Options. You can see this setting by navigating to Divi>Theme Options and clicking on the Divi Social sharing Buttons tab. There, you can enable the new toggle setting for enabling the custom sharing feature.

enable custom sharing option in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module

Please be sure to enable this setting after you update to version 2.2 if you were already are using custom sharing!

When To Enable Custom Sharing?

Enabling this toggle is required if you are using custom sharing options in the module for any of the following:

  1. Custom Title
  2. Custom Message
  3. Custom Link
  4. Custom Image
custom sharing options in the Divi Social Sharing Buttons module

Technical Section

Why Is The PHP File Required?

The Sharing Options settings in the module have options to share a custom title, image, description, and/or link. For sharing custom data like this, it is required to have social meta tags generated for the custom data. (Open graph meta tags will not work for custom sharing, only for the regular title, featured image, excerpt, and link) This is why we use the dssb-sharer.php file that has all required social meta tags.

What Happens When I Enable Custom Sharing?

When you enable the “Enable Custom Sharing” setting in Theme Options, the plugin attempts to create a new PHP file called dssb-sharer.php in the root public_html area of the site file. This is the best-case scenario.

Some hosts, however, do not allow this, so in this case there is an if-then logic in the code. If the host does not allow it, then we will use the second-best option of placing the dssb-sharer.php file in the wp-content directory.

  • If the file is located in the root directory, then the shareable link would be
  • If the file is located in the wp-content directory, then the shareable link would be {domain}/wp-content/{link_or_path}

The main different is the URL path and how it looks when sharing to certain platforms such as Twitter, which sows the URL. It just looks better when the visible sharing URL does not contain the extra data.

How It Works ?

The custom options you have selected in the module for the title, image, description, and/or link are saved to the database in the dssb-sharer.php file. Then when someone clicks the social sharing buttons, the custom data is retrieved from the database and a custom share URL is generated. The preview in the social network will match the custom data. So now when a user clicks on the shared custom link, they will be redirected to the custom link.

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Last updated Aug 31, 2022 @ 10:22 am


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