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Divi Tabs Maker Plugin Feature Update 2.1

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I'm excited to announce another update to our Divi Tabs Maker module with some new features and improvements!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Features

Horizontal Scroll Tabs On Mobile

If you want to maintain horizontal inline tabs on smaller screens, now you can! Just enable the new horizontal tabs scrolling setting and when the tabs are wider than the space, it will add a scrollbar, so you can touch and slide the tabs sideways. We also added design settings to set the height and color of the scrollbar.

horizontal inline tabs scrollbar height and color design settings in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin

Tab Animations

Not to be confused with the 32 existing tab content animations, these new tab animations allow you to animate the actual tab when switching between tabs. So now you can set nice UX animations for when clicking and switching tabs like fade, borders that slide, backgrounds that side, flips, and zoom. These are really nice, and probably more useful and nice to have than the existing content animations. Let me know what you think and if there are any goods ones that we missed.

tab animation effects in the Divi Tabs Maker module plugin

Check the tab animation demos to see these cool new effects in action!

We also included an animation duration setting, as this can really make a different depending on which aniamtion option you use.

tab animation duration in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin

If you are using any of the background animations, be sure to set a background color for the active tab. If you are suing any of the borer animations, we actually provide two new settings for styling that in the Design tab>Active Tab toggle.

tabs animation border color and height in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin

Heading H1-H6 Styling In Tab Content

One thing we missed before was design settings for styling any text headings H1-H6 in the content area of the tabs. So now we have added the familiar tabs for H1, H2, etc. each with full text and font design settings.

content heading text design settings in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin

Tab Content Overflow

We noticed that some of the animations for the tab content area such as the wobble and a few others were cut off by the bounding box of the content area by default. It looks fine either way, and is more of a preference, so we added this new setting to choose whether you want to make the entire animation visible or have it hidden (cut off) around the content area.

set the tab content overflow hidden or visible in the Divi Tabs Maker

Improvements & Fixes

We are always improving the plugin by making minor bug fixes and code improvements. You can always check the plugin changelog to see the details.

Divi Library Dynamic Content Label

When you add dynamic layouts from the Divi Library to your tabs, now the label is clearly marked as “Divi Library.”

Divi Library Dynamic Content label in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin

Alignment Setting For Tabs

Now you can align the tabs to the left, center, or right! Perfect for making toggles like this pricing toggle tab layout on our demos page.

tabs container align tabs setting in the Divi Tabs Maker plugin
Divi Tabs Maker Demo 10

Updated Content Design Setting Toggles

In the previous versions, we had only one “Content” toggle in the Design tab. This included everything about the content area as well as the text within it. But we realized that is not correct, so we now have three tabs:

  1. Content – settings for the content area
  2. Content Text – settings for customizing and styling paragraph text in the content area
  3. Content Heading Text – settings for customizing and styling H1-H6 headings in the content area

This change was made for the main Design settings as well as the individual tab settings.

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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  1. Mark

    Are there limits to the new horizontal scroll feature? I’d like to add 20 tabs or so and would like the scrolling ability on desktop primarily.


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