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Divi Handmade

1. Set Up WordPress & Domain Name

Howdy! Welcome to the documentation site for the Divi Handmade child theme.


This child theme is based on WordPress. You will need WordPress installed on a server to begin. If you don’t have this already, no problem. Just contact us and we can get that set up for you in a jiffy.

Domain Name

You need a domain name for your website. Again, if you don’t have one already registered, no big deal, just go ahead and contact us so we can get you set up.

When you have your domain and WordPress installation ready to go, log in to your site and continue to step 2.

2. Install & Activate Divi

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Divi is an awesome theme and page builder that runs on WordPress. You must have the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes installed to use this child theme.

If you do not have a Divi license already, you will either need to:

  1. purchase the yearly or lifetime plan from the Elegant Themes website
  2. get the Divi API key for FREE with our hosting and care plans

3. Install Divi Handmade

Install Child Theme

Ensure you have the Divi Theme installed and activated prior to installing the child theme. Download the ‘’ file from your account. To avoid any issues during installation it is recommended that you use this child theme on a fresh installation of WordPress and Divi.

In your WordPress Dashboard, go to ‘Appearance>Themes>Add New’ and click on ‘Upload Theme’.

Browse and locate the ‘’ file on your computer and click ‘Install Now.’ When it is finished, click ‘Activate.’ You will now see Divi handmade as the active theme in your themes panel.

Install Demo Content

4. Customize Anything

Your site should now look like the demo at, the only thing left to do is replace the text with your own and the placeholder images with your own images. You may now customize anything on the site including the logo, images, color schemes, fonts, layout, etc. Divi makes it super easy to do all of this, but some the styling you see is from the CSS file.

Changing Your Color Scheme

To edit the CSS, I recommend using Brackets. Copy the CSS from ‘Divi>Theme Options>Custom CSS’ and place it into a CSS document. From there, use ‘Edit>find and replace…’ to change your hex color values to match your brand. The rest of the colors are in Divi itself and can be changed easily within the builder. 

More Customization

If you want us to customize the site to match your branding, content, colors, and niche, please contact us for our current rates and we would be happy to help.

Get Support

Something not going well? We are happy to help.

WordPress Related

If this is a WordPress related problem, please contact your hosting provider.

Divi Related

If this is a Divi related problem, please contact Elegant Themes support or read their documentation.

Child Theme Related

If this is a problem with your child theme or any other question, please let us know.

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