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Blog and YouTube Comments Policy Pee Aye Creative

Here at Pee-Aye Creative, we usually release a new written tutorial on the blog and a corresponding video on YouTube every week. These resources are provided free of charge and available to everyone. Hundreds of thousands of visitors benefit from these resources every year, and we are pleased to be helping to many people with their Divi and web design needs.

We are committed to replying to every comment, but lately we have had to cut back due to the incredible volume of comments every day. We literally spend hours of our time replying to comments, and the amount of questions is overwhelming us.

Normally it is I, Nelson the owner of the company, replying to these comments, often at night, on weekends, or whenever I get a spare moment. Recently, we now have a team member Hemant helping with this, and he is doing a great job!

The purpose of this policy is to lay out some of the basic expectations and guidelines about leaving  a comment either on the blog or on YouTube.

Last updated March 8, 2024

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