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Admin Email Settings for the Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Admin Email Settings

Send Admin Email

Enabling this setting will turn on the other settings for sending an email to the admin of the site. This is optional, but many users like this feature to inform the admin that a new message was received.

send admin email option setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Admin Email Address

The email address field in the regular Divi Contact Form module is rebranded to admin email because we also added a confirmation email. So this setting is the same as before and is the email address where the admin message should be sent.

Admin email address field Divi Contact Form Helper

Dynamic Admin Email Address

A customer asked for dynamic content so that the form could be used in the Theme Builder with custom fields. Great idea! Now you can use the new dynamic content icon in the Admin Email Address field to select a custom field. The custom field would need to contain the email address where you want the form to send.

dynamic content icon in the Admin Email Address field of the Divi Contact Form Helper
selecting a dynamic email address from a custom field

The normal dynamic content popup appears to select the custom field. This is just an example showing two email address custom fields to choose form.

Conditional Admin Email Routing

This is really incredible feature that adds the ability to send the form to a different email address based on which options are selected in the form. You could set up dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons and depending on the conditional logic, send the form to different address or departments within your company. How cool is that!

conditional email address routing in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

To make it work, we have added a new textarea box in the Admin Email settings. You will need to enter the field IDs and option values in a specific pattern. The pattern of the email routing conditional logic is like this:

FIELD_ID::Option Value:emailaddress|Option Value:emailaddress

We have a full tutorial covering this feature on our blog, so please refer to the blog post and video for instructions on how to use this feature.

How To Set Conditional Admin Email Address Routing In The Divi Contact Form Tutorial By Pee Aye Creative

At this time only one email address can be used per option.

Admin Email Subject

We are very excited about this much-requested feature. Without this, all the forms sent from your site take the same generic subject line, which causes threading and chaos in your inbox. But no longer! Now you can enter a custom subject line for the admin email, and best of all, you can use merge tags in the subject line! This means you can say anything dynamically like “New Message From %%dcfh_form_title%%” or “New Email From %%name%%” or “New %%dcfh_entry_number%%” etc.

Admin email subject field Divi Contact Form Helper

Admin Email From Name

Enter a custom from name for the admin email, which will show in the admin’s inbox as the name label for who sent them the message. This setting also supports merge tags, which is great for things like “New Message From %%name%%” or other values. The default from name is the name of the person submitting the form, like “New Message From Nelson” 

admin email from name setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Use Submitter Admin Address As From Email Address

To ensure we have all the possible scenarios covered, we also added this toggle setting to make the admin email from email address the same as the email address field %%email%% of the person submitting the form. So whatever email address they enter in the form will be the “from” email address for the admin email.

use submitter admin email setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Admin Email Address CC And BCC

With our plugin, you now have the options to add carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC) email addresses for the admin email! Multiple email addresses can be added, separated by a comma.

Admin email CSS and CCC fields Divi Contact Form Helper

Admin Email Message

The default admin email message field is meant for very simple form submissions (if you need rich text formatting or HTML, then enable the other setting). Any text you write here will send in addition to the form fields, which will automatically be sent. You may want to write label text followed by a merge tag. Remember that our plugin includes additional custom message pattern merge tags, so be sure to check those and add anything like form title, page name, page URL, browser, IP address, date and time, entry number, and more!

NOTE: Our plugin renames the confusing default “Message Pattern” terminology to a more clear “Admin Email Message” label.

Admin email message field Divi Contact Form Helper

Rich Text HTML Formatting In Messages

If you prefer, you can now use advanced formatting in your admin email messages. Customize the text of your message with rich text formatting, HTML, or even templates! That’s right, now you can use the same editor you are familiar with in Divi to edit the text visually or with HTML. This opens a lot of possibilities for formatting your messages. Simply enable the toggle setting to use this feature (this will hide the default admin message setting).

use rich text HTML formatting for the admin email message in the Divi Contact Form Helper

Email Templates

You can create your own email templates for the admin email, then add them dynamically to the contact form to reuse on multiple forms. The email templates feature can be configured from the backend WordPress dashboard by going to the “Contact Form” menu and clicking on “Email Templates.” If you are creating a template for the admin email message, click on add new and choose “Admin” as the template type. Give it a title, and write the message. Remember to use custom message pattern merge tags. Then go to the Contact Form module to the Admin Email and click the gray dynamic content icon (be sure to enable the rich text formatting first). The dynamic content popup will appear, and there you will see the available templates in the list. Select the one you want, and this template will now be the admin email message.

email templates feature in the Divi Contact Form module
Last updated April 12, 2024

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