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Confirmation Email Settings for the Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Confirmation Email Settings

Send A Confirmation Email To Sender

Enabling this setting will turn on the other settings for sending a confirmation email to the person submitting the form. This is optional, but many users like this feature to inform the user that the message was received or to send an attachment. Once this is enabled, you will be able to enter the custom subject line and message.

send a confirmation email to send Divi Contact Form Helper

Confirmation Email Address Field ID

This field is a way to make sure you send the confirmation email to the correct address. For example, if there is more than one email address field in the form, this allows you to specify exactly which one is the email address field of the person who is submitting the form, and this is the address that will receive the confirmation email. You need to enter the exact same field ID in this input field as is used in the field of the form for the email address of the person submitting the form.

IMPORTANT: Do not use any %% signs like merge tags – only enter the actual field ID into the input field.

confirmation email address field ID Divi Contact Form Helper

Confirmation Email Subject

Give your form submitters a great experience by customizing the subject line of the email they receive after submitting the form. Best of all, you can use merge tags in the subject line! This means you can say anything dynamically like a ticket number with %%dcfh_entry_number%% or any field value with %%field_id%%.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to add a subject, otherwise the confirmation email will not be delivered.

confirmation email custom subject line Divi Contact Form Helper

Confirmation Email From Name

Enter a custom name for the confirmation email, which will show in the recipients inbox as the name label for who sent them the message. This setting also supports merge tags. The default from name will be WordPress site name.

confirmation email from name in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Confirmation Email From Address

Enter a custom email address for the confirmation email, which will show in the recipient inbox as the email address that sent them the message.

confirmation email from address in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

When using SMTP, the confirmation email “from” address should be the same as the SMTP “from” email address in the SMTP configuration. Otherwise, your message may not be sent.

Confirmation Email Message

White a custom message for the confirmation email that sends to the person submitting the form. This is a great way to build confidence by letting the submitter know you received the message. You can say things like “Thank you for your message, we will reply as soon as we can” or anything like that to help ease the wait until you reply. 

confirmation email message Divi Contact Form Helper

Rich Text HTML Formatting

You can customize the text of your confirmation message with rich text formatting! This gives you the option to edit the text visually or with HTML, just like in Divi. This opens a lot of possibilities for formatting your messages. 

use rich text HTML formatting for the confirmation email message in the Divi Contact Form Helper

Attachments In Confirmation Message

Want to deliver a PDF or other file along with the confirmation email to the person who submits the form? Now you can! We have added the ability add the ID of the file from your WordPress Media Library to the message with this format (xxxx = the attachment ID):


The attachments show just like normal in the inbox.

adding attachments to the confirmation email message Divi Contact Form Helper 1

Email Templates

You can create your own email templates for the confirmation email, then add them dynamically to the contact form to reuse on multiple forms. The email templates feature can be configured from the backend WordPress dashboard by going to the “Contact Form” menu and clicking on “Email Templates.” If you are creating a template for the confirmation email message, click on add new and choose “Confirmation” as the template type. Give it a title, and write the message. Remember to use custom message pattern merge tags. Then go to the Contact Form module to the Confirmation Email and click the gray dynamic content icon (be sure to enable the rich text formatting first). The dynamic content popup will appear, and there you will see the available templates in the list. Select the one you want, and this template will now be the admin email message. (screenshot shows Admin, but will be same for Confirmation)

email templates feature in the Divi Contact Form module

Confirmation Reply-To Address

If someone replies to the confirmation email, it will reply to the email address used as the module admin email address. In the past, the default reply-to address was just going to the site admin, which is not the best. This is now is a very nice feature.

Last updated April 12, 2024

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