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Feature Comparison of The Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Feature Comparison

Ours vs. Default

Our Plugin Includes (100) Custom Features!

The Divi Contact From Helper plugin by Pee-Aye Creative adds tons of new features and settings to the existing Divi Contact Form module. Take a look at the table below to get a quick overview of all differences.

Feature Ours Divi
File Upload Field
Design Settings For File Upload Field
Allowed File Types
Maximum Upload Size
Allow Custom MIME Types
Save File Uploads To Media Library
Custom Label Text For File Uploads
Date Picker Field
Disable Past Days
Disable Days Of The Week
Disable Current Date
Fixed Or Relative Dates Selection
Available and Unavailable Dates
ICS Calendar Sync (Google And Outlook)
Time Picker Field
Disable Past Times
Fixed Or Relative Times Selection
Available and Unavailable Times (Global)
Available and Unavailable Times (Per Day)
Date/Time Picker RTL Support
Date/Time Picker Width And Height
Date/Time Picker Design Settings
HTML Anything Field
HTML Field Design Settings
Digital Signature Field
Digital Signature Field Design Settings
Zapier Integration Settings
Pabbly Connect Integration Settings
SMTP Settings
List Of Forms On Site
Number Of Form Views
Number Of Unique Form Views
Enable/Disable Cookies For Unique Views
Conversion Rate Per Form
Custom Message Pattern Merge Tags 24+ More! Form ID Only
Add Icons To Fields + Design Settings
Custom Field Label Text
Design Settings For Field Label Text
Show/Hide Labels On Frontend
Move Labels To Left Side Of Fields
Custom Placeholder Text
Hide Placeholder Text
Custom Field Description Text
HTML Support In Field Description
Design Settings For Description Text
Show Field Description Above Or Below
Asterisks On Required Fields
Enable/Disable Admin Email
Admin Email Custom Subject Line
Admin Email From Name
Admin Email From Submitter Email
Use Merge Tags In Admin Email Subject Line
Dynamic Admin Email Address
Conditional Admin Email Address Routing
Admin Email CC/BCC Addresses
Admin Email HTML Rich Text Formatting
Admin Email Dynamic Templates
Send Confirmation Email To Form Submitter
Confirmation Email Custom Subject Line
Confirmation Email Address From Field ID
Confirmation Email From Name
Confirmation Email From Email Address
Confirmation Email HTML Rich Text Formatting
Confirmation Email Dynamic Templates
Add Attachments To Confirmation Email
Message Textarea Min Height On Frontend
Textarea Character Min/Max Limit
Textarea Character Validation
Checkboxes Columns/Inline Layouts
Checkboxes Columns/Inline Layouts
Search Field For Dropdown Options
Default Dropdown Select Option
Save Entries To Database
Collect Meta Details
Collect User Agent Details
View List Of Entries
Add Dynamic Columns To Entries List
Delete Entries After Number Of Days
Loading Icon When Submitting Form
Redirect After Submission
Add Success Button After Submission
Hide Form Title After Submission
Hide Success Message
Rich Text HMTL Editor For Success Message
Success Message Design Settings
Merge Tags In Success Message
Shortcodes In Success Message
Honeypot Spam Protection
Blacklisted Emails & Domains
Error Message Location Top/Bottom
Error Message Design Settings
Error Message Custom Text
Focus Input Border Settings
Submit Button Alignment
Submit Button Fullwidth
Auto Backup Entries
Export Entries To CSV
Create Post From Entry
Multilingual Support For Custom Text
Last updated September 11, 2023

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