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Submission Entries In The Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Submission Entries


We have added a new toggle in the Divi Contact Form module for various settings related to saving entries to the database and other miscellaneous settings. You can find them in the Submission Entries toggle in the module.

Submission Entries

Save Entries To Database

This setting to save entries to the database is located in the Database Entries toggle in the Divi Contact Form module. This setting is enabled by default, since this is one of the main selling points for most customers. When enabled, the details from any contact form submission will be saved in your website database.

save entries to database setting in Divi Contact Form Helper

Important: In order for this to work, please make sure to set at least one identification method in the Divi Contact Form module – see our Saving Entries To Database documentation.

Save File Uploads To Database

Choose to save all file uploads with the form entry in the website database.

save file uploads to database setting in Divi Contact Form Helper

Save File Uploads To Media Library

Choose to add all uploads from the form submissions to the WordPress Media Library.

save file uploads to WordPress media library setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Send File Uploads As Attachments With Emails

Choose to attach all file uploads to the admin and confirmation emails.

send file uploads as attachments with admin email setting in Divi Contact Form Helper

Collect User Agent Details

This is for GDPR, so please note this! This new setting in the Submission Entries toggle can be enabled to collect information from the user submitting the form such as IP Address, Browser, and OS. In the previous versions, the form collected this by default without any setting, but now we have included the setting, and it is OFF by default. Please note when you update, it will turn off until you manually turn it back on if needed. 

collect user agent details gdpr IP address setting in Divi Contact Form Helper

Use Cookies For Tracking Unique Form Views

Our plugin shows the number of form views and unique form views for each contact form in the Forms page in the admin dashboard. There are two types of views:

  • Normal Views
  • Unique Views

The normal views increment every time someone opens the page where the contact form is located. But unique views are smart and will only increment once per user. Here is how it works.

When someone views the page, we add a unique view cookie. If they do not submit the form, and leave the page and come back and views the form again, we check for the cookie. If the cookie already exists, then we do not change the view count, because this person already viewed it. The cookie we are adding is saved for one year.

This setting is ON by default since this feature is very helpful for our conversion rate feature. However, feel free to disable the feature if cookies are not allowed in your area with laws such as GDPR.

use cookies for tracking unique form views in the Divi Contact Form Helper

Save URL Parameters In Database

The contact form now has an option to collect any URL parameter from the page where your visitor completes the form and saves it to the database with the entry. You can also use merge tags to display the parameters in the message.

save URL parameters to database setting in Divi Contact Form Helper by Pee Aye Creative

Change Attachments Custom Message

Choose to enter custom text for the message that automatically displays in the footer of any email with files added to prompt the recipient to view the attachments.

change attachments custom message in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin
Last updated January 18, 2024

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