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Troubleshooting the Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative


General Troubleshooting Steps

If something is not working, the first step is to deactivate Divi Contact Form Helper and test again. If the issue ONLY happens when our plugin is active, the next step is to narrow down which setting or feature is causing the issue. You can do this by disabling the settings one by one and testing each time.

Emails Not Sending (SMTP Troubleshooting)

If your emails are not sending, please understand this is not related to our plugin, but rather to WordPress and SMTP. You absolutely need to have SMTP properly configured on your site to send email from any form. Please check our full SMTP settings document which includes some basic instructions and various troubleshooting steps.

Entries Not Saving In Database

If your entries are not saving in the database, first be sure to have the setting enabled in the module in the Submission Entries toggle. If the setting is enabled, then it is most likely due to a simple configuration reason. Please be sure to carefully follow our Saving Entries To Database documentation for a full explanation of the contact form identification methods and how to set them up.

Forms Not Showing In Forms List

If a contact form is not showing in the list of forms under Contact Form>Forms in the backend, then it is probably not known in the system yet. For any form to appear in the list, you first need to have at least one entry submitted to that specific form. Otherwise, there is no way to “register” that form into the database. Once a form is submitted for the first time, the unique ID of the form will allow the system to register it with the form name or ID, the page it is located on, etc. and it will appear in the list.

Also, be sure to have the unique ID configured in the form as described in the Saving Entries To Database documentation.

“Please refresh the page and try again” error

This is not related to our plugin. This is related to caching plugins, and will happen even when our plugin is disabled. You will need to clear cache or check the caching plugin for the setting to resolve this.

Confirmation Email Not Working With Rich Text

If the confirmation email is not sending specifically when you enable the rich text formatting, but sends fine when this is disabled, it could be related to a lazy loading plugin. We have seen 2 issues with this when an image is used in the rich text editor. One was caused by SiteGround Optimizer and one by Jetpack. If you have a similar setup, please check on this.

Activation Error For Divi Versions Below 4.13.1

If you are getting some error when you activate The Divi Contact Form Helper plugin, this mean your version of Divi does not meet the prerequisite requirements. Make sure to be using a version of Divi higher than 4.13.1. This is because Elegant Themes changed some things related to the Contact Form module, and Divi did not have the required code to support our plugin features before those changes.

Last updated December 7, 2023

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