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User Role Permissions

User Role Permissions

This feature allows you to tailor access for different user roles on your WordPress site, offering greater control and security. You can find this setting in the Divi Theme Options>Divi Contact Form Helper>User Permissions. Here, you will find a list of all user roles available on your WordPress site, each with its associated settings. The Admin role, which already has full permissions by default, is not listed as permissions cannot be removed for the admin.

For roles like Editor or any custom roles you have created, you can now customize their permissions according to your needs. We have categorized permissions into three categories to cover a wide range of requirements.

Access Entries Capabilities:

  • View Entries
  • Read Entry
  • View Form Details

Entry Actions Capabilities

  • Delete Entry Permanently
  • Move Entry To Trash
  • Mark Entry as Read
  • Mark Entry as Unread
  • Mark Email As Spam
  • Reply/Send Email Of Entry
  • Create Email Template
  • View Email Templates
  • Create Post From Entry

Export CSV Capabilities:

  • Export Entries As CSV
Screenshot of Divi Theme Options page with settings.
Last updated June 4, 2024

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