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This video provides a brief summary overview of the written steps outlined in the document below. You are welcome to follow the video and written steps together.

NOTE: Installing or updating this plugin may require you to clear your cache before the settings take place. This may include your browser cache, any caching plugin, and possibly even your CDN if you are using one.

NOTE: Sometimes the names of the modules get translated differently depending on your site language. If some are missing, please be sure to check the entire list of modules thoroughly without using search. 

5 modules in the Divi Events Calendar
Events Feed Module Icon

Events Feed Module

The Events Feed module was our very first module, and it is still probably the most versatile of them all, allowing you to display a feed of events in many different layouts with a ton of features, options, and design settings. There are so many possibilities with this module, and it can be used on any page or archive page on your Divi website. This module is also great for displaying dynamic event categories, related events on single event pages, event archives of past events, and event search results.

Events Calendar Module Icon

Events Calendar Module

The Events Calendar module is the traditional month style calendar view. This module allows you to display a calendar with all the events shown on the day with a handy tooltip that appears on hover. Everything is customizable with a huge amount of content features, display options, and design settings. There are so many possibilities with this module, and it can be used on any page or archive page on your Divi website.

Events Page Module Icon

Events Page Module

The Events Page module is the game-changer that unlocks the power of the Divi Builder on single event pages! That’s right, with this module you can now customize the event data and build your event pages entirely with Divi using a combination of standard modules and this Events Page module. Enjoy the power to dynamically display and customize everything related to the individual event pages with all the features, display options, and design settings. This module can be used to create beautiful dynamic Theme Builder templates that can instantly transform all of your event pages on your Divi website.

Events Carousel Module Icon

Events Carousel Module

The Events Carousel module is a combination of our Events Feed module with a carousel. It is a fun way to display events and take up less vertical space than a long grid. The module includes all the expected layout options and design settings, but also includes features and settings for adjusting the carousel like navigation arrows and dots, auto scroll settings, and design settings for everything.

IMPORTANT: Besides the normal update information, we also have some additional important update information specifically related to our plugin. This information is often critical to read before making an update to an existing Divi Events Calendar plugin on your site.

NOTE: Before contacting support, please do us both a favor by looking over all the documentation and guides first. You will be asked to confirm that you have done this before you can submit the support form. We don’t want this to sound rude! We love helping, but we are confident that most questions you face are already covered here in the documentation.

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