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Free Layouts for the Divi Events Calendar Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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Free Bonus Demo Layouts

Free Divi Layouts Of The Events Modules

New Demo Site With 2.0 Release

We unveiled a new demo site with the release of version 2.0. We thought it would be a cool bonus to give away these layouts so that you could match the styles on you own site and see what settings are used in the modules.

Divi Page Layouts

The page layouts are includes as .json files, which is the file type that all Divi layouts use. These can be imported directly to a page. So you could go to a page on your website, open the Visual Builder, and click the up/down icon in your page settings. This is how you import page layouts into Divi.

Divi Theme Builder Templates

The Theme Builder templates for the single event pages can be imported directly to Page Setting from within one of the Theme Builder templates. So for example if you wanted to use Events Page Layout 02, you would go to Divi>Theme Builder, then create or edit a template for All Events, then choose to Build Custom Body, and then within the template use the up/down arrows to import the template. 

Example of the files from Demo 1:

Divi Events Calendar Demo 1 Layouts File List

Accessing The Free Layouts

These layouts are included when you purchase the plugin from our website and are included in a zip folder as an extra files. You can download the demo layouts here:

Download: Free Demo Layouts

New Demo Styles & Layouts Coming Soon

Work With Us

We also are very interested in making more demo styles. In other words, we will duplicate Demo 1 and keep the same content, but style everything differently. If you are intersted in helping us with this, please send us an email.

Last updated Jan 12, 2021 @ 7:05 pm

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