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Free Layouts for the Divi Events Calendar Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Free Bonus Demo Layouts

We are pleased to offer our demo layouts to you for free! These layouts can be viewed on our demo site as well as from the individual links below. These layouts are avialable for you to downlowd and import into your Theme Builder! We hope you enjoy using these free demo layouts for the Divi Events Calendar!

How To Use The Layouts

Download And Unzip

The first step is to click the button above and save the file .zip file to your computer. You will need to unzip the folder to access the individual files. Each of the ten layouts are located in sub folders that are clearly labeled. Inside each of those are the Divi .json files (the file type that all Divi layouts use) and some CSS that we have added to a .txt file. The CSS is required to achieve some minor styling that was used in the demo.

Import The Divi Theme Builder Layout Inside The Template

The Theme Builder templates for the single event pages can be imported directly to Page Setting from within one of the Theme Builder templates. So for example if you wanted to use Single Event Layout 1, you would go to Divi>Theme Builder, then create or edit a template for All Events, then choose to Build Custom Body, and then within the template use the up/down arrows to import the template. Again, these need to be imported directly into the Divi Theme Builder template – not the main Theme Buildere area!

Some customers reported that they were unable to import the layouts. We don’t know why. Importing has nothing to do with our plugin, as that is a Divi thing. One user said deactivating all plugins, importing, then re-activating was a successful workaround.

Last updated Nov 12, 2021 @ 5:30 pm

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