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update changelog for the Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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2.0.0 February 26, 2021

Added new feature Gallery Module Column Number
Added new feature Portfolio Modules Column Number
Added new feature Blog Module Column Number
Added new feature Shop Column Number
Added new feature Text Sizes
Added new feature Phone Parallax Support
Added new feature Phone Pinch Zooming
Added new feature Different Phone Logo
Added new feature Phone Header Bar Color
Added new feature Mobile Menu Opened Icon
Added new feature Prevent Horizontal Scroll
Added new feature Show Hide Menu Item
Added new feature Phone Menu Breakpoint
Added new feature Show/Hide Back To Top Button Visibility
Added new feature Tabs Module Stacking
Added new feature Blurb Image/Icon Position On Phone
Added new feature Disable Animations On Phone
Added new feature Disable Divi Responsive Views Settings
Added new feature Section/Row Padding
Added new feature Row Width
Added new feature Row Max Width
Added new feature Widow Fixer Minimum Heading Widow Words
Added new Row Number of Columns options for 5 and 6 columns
Fixed widow fixer bug with input field

1.3.2 November 6, 202

Added check to see if Divi is install before plugin can be activated.

1.3.1 October 22, 2020

Fixed some small conflicts with other plugins.

1.3 September 16, 2020

Added new feature to exclude selected pages from the Widow Fixer
Added new settings in columns settings for Column Stacking Order on Tablet and Phone
Added Preview Size support for the Divi Theme Builder
Improved Auto-Open Responsive Tabs feature by excluding content fields like text and images
Fixed some bugs reported by team Elegant Themes

1.2 June 19, 2020

Relocated the settings for Presets and Custom Value to the bottom left corner in page settings next to the device icons
Added new feature allowing you to set your own custom preset values in Theme Options settings
Add new feature to set the Column Number for tablet and mobile
Added support for Theme Options settings in the Extra theme
Fixed bug with Widow Fixer conflicting with WooCommerce settings

1.1.0 April 15, 2020

Settings page added inside theme options
Widow Fixer plugin integrated
Column stacking options for Tablet and Phone added

1.0.1 April 4, 2020

Multilanguage support added

1.0.0 March 31, 2020

Initial Release

Last updated Feb 26, 2021 @ 10:27 am

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