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Automatically Open Responsive Tabs

IMPORTANT NOTE: This should ONLY be used after carefully understanding it and only when you are ready to go through the website and adjust settings for each device. Opening the responsive options can cause unwanted changes to all your settings for each device, so this is very important to use with great caution and ONLY enable this setting if you have tested this on a dev or staging site first to see how it works. When you enable this option, it cannot be undone – turning it off will not close the tabs again, which means they will remain open. If you are sure you want to use the setting, we recommend building the site on for desktop first, then when it is finished, go through and make it responsive utilizing this feature if needed.

Divi Responsive Helper automatically open responsive tabs feature
Divi Responsive Helper how to automatically open the Divi breakpoint tabs

This feature is meant to be turned on and off as needed. It is best used when you are specifically dedicating time to optimizing your layouts for phone and other devices sizes.

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Last updated January 22, 2024

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