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Row Column Stacking Number settings in the Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Row Column Stacking Number

How To Use The Row Number Of Columns Feature

1. Enable This Feature In Theme Options

To begin using the column stacking settings, go to the Divi>Theme Options. There you will see a new tab that our plugin adds called “Divi Responsive Helper.” Once you click on that, you will see more tabs. Click on the “Column Stacking” tab to see all of the column stacking features in the plugin.

Enable the setting toggle called “Row Number of Columns.” Enabling this feature activates the additional settings located in the Advanced tab of the Divi Builder Row settings for choosing the number of columns to show on each device.

Divi Responsive Helper Row Number of Columns Setting

2. Adjust The Number Of Column In The Divi Builder

Once the Row Number of Columns setting is enabled in Divi Theme Options, a new set of settings will appear in every Row in the Divi Builder.

  1. Open up the Row Settings by clicking the gear icon.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Open the CSS ID & Classes Toggle.

There you will see a two new options:

  • Number of Columns on Tablet
  • Number of Columns on Phone

These are set to default, so to change it simply choose a number for Tablet and another number for Phone.

Divi Responsive Helper Column Stacking Number setting
choose the Divi Responsive Helper number of columns for tablet or phone

View Live Demo Of The Divi Row Number of Columns Feature

We have a full demo site where you can view all the Row column stacking scenarios for any number of columns on each device.

Example Of The Divi Column Stacking Number Of Columns In Action

The GIF below demonstrates the Row Column Stacking Number of Columns feature.

Divi Responsive Helper Row Number of Columns
Last updated October 6, 2021

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