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Divi Social Sharing Buttons Module by Pee Aye Creative 2.2

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Troubleshooting the Divi Social Sharing Buttons Module Plugin by Pee Aye Creative


Admin Notice About File Permissions

If you receive an error message in your WordPress Dashboard about the dssb-sharer.php file then don’t worry, this guide will explain this issue and give you instructions about how to solve it.

dssb-sharer.php File

When the Divi Social Sharing Buttons plugin is installed and activated on a site, one of the things it does is adds a dssb-sharer.php file to your website’s root directory, meaning the public_html file area of your application installation. Whenever the plugin is deactivated or deleted, the file will be removed. This dssb-sharer.php file is important because it enables some of the functionality of the module to work properly.

When Our File Is Blocked

However, some hosting servers or websites do not allow the proper required file permissions in the website root public_html directory. In other words, your hosting server or website is blocking this file from being added by our plugin. But this is not good, because it is blocking some important functionality of our plugin. If the dssb-sharer.php file is being blocked, then you will see a message appear in your WordPress admin area explaining that permissions are needed for this to work.

How To Solve It

To solve this, you should contact your hosting company and ask them to enabled file permissions at the root public_html level. This will allow our plugin to properly add the necessary sharer.php file.

If you are unable to do, you can manually copy the file from the downloaded .zip plugin file. To do that, open or extract the plugin .zip file and locate the sharer folder.

finding the sharer file

Inside the sharer folder you will see the dssb-share.php file.

copy the dssb sharer file

Copy this file and place it in your website root directory (public_html). You can use a file manager plugin, FTP, or contact your hosting company for assistance.

example of the location of the sharing php file

Clearing Stubborn Cache

When updating from version 1.0 to verison 2.0, you may experience an issue where the new social network background colors are not showing.

screenshot nelsonm38.sg host.com 2021.06.24 17_05_27

This issue is actually just cache, and can be solved easily. You can clear your cache by clicking the Control + R keys on Windows or the Comand + R keys on Mac. Make sure to open the Divi Builder and then press clear the cache. This will reload the builder. You may need to do this 1-3 times to see the result.

screenshot nelsonm38.sg host.com 2021.06.24 17_08_03

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