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Changelog for the Divi Tabs Maker plugin by Pee Aye Creative


The changelog below shows the date and version number of each plugin update along with a detailed list of all the new features, changes, bug fixes, and improvements.

A major update means any plugin update with changes to the first two numbers (x.x) in the version number. For example, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 would be major updates. Other smaller updates are used to fix bugs or make small improvements. Small updates change the third number in the version number (x.x.x) like 2.0.1, 2.0.2, and 2.0.3.

We provide a detailed blog post and video for every major feature update. We recommend reading the blog post and watching the video before updating to get familiar with the new features and be aware of any important changes. The release announcements are linked in the changelog below.

2.3.1 November 18, 2023

  • Fixed Various Setting Logic Issues When Settings Show Or Hide Based On Other Settings Used
  • Fixed An Issue With The Inactive Tab Border Radius
  • Fixed And Issue With The Border Not Showing When Set To 1px
  • Fixed Tab Shape 1 Not Working On iOS Due To Unsupported CSS
  • Fixed An Issue With The Deeplinking URL When Used In A Theme Builder Body Template
  • Fixed The Auto Switch Interval Value Not Working
  • Fixed A Tiny Spacing Issue With The Active Tab Pointer

Version 2.3

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin Feature Update 2.3

 2.3 June 6, 2023

  • Added Feature To Use Tab As Custom Link
  • Added Responsive Options To Use Tab Shape Setting
  • Added Setting To Keep The Image Or Icon Aligned Directly With The Text
  • Added Support For Multiple Deeplinking On Same Page
  • Added Keyboard Navigation Outline And Tab Selection With Enter Key For Accessibility 
  • Fixed Issue With Gallery Module Number Of Columns When Used In Tab
  • Fixed Issue With Line Showing In Tab Shapes
  • Fixed Depreciated PHP Notices
  • Fixed HTML Showing In Dynamic Tab Content
  • Fixed Issue With Font Awesome Icons
  • Improved Deeplinking Code

Version 2.2

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin Feature Update 2.2

 2.2 October 17, 2022

  • Added Dynamic Content Support For Tab Titles And Subtitles
  • Added Active Tab Design Settings In Individual Tabs
  • Fixed Issue With Bullet Points Hiding In Tab Content

Version 2.1 

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin Feature Update 2.1

 2.1 September 1, 2022

  • Added Horizontal Scroll Tabs On Mobile Along With Scroll Bar Height And Color Design Settings
  • Added Tab Animations With 14 Styles, Animation Duration Setting, And Related Design Settings
  • Added Heading H1-H6 Design Settings For Tab Content
  • Added Horizontal Alignment Setting For Tabs
  • Added Tab Content Overflow Setting
  • Improved Divi Library Label When Adding Layouts To Tab Content With Dynamic Content
  • Updated/Moved Design Settings Related To The Content And Content Text
  • Updated Tab Background Color Priorities
  • Fixed Tab Scroll Location Issue
  • Fixed Deeplinking Issue
  • Fixed Issue With Tab Shapes And Background Colors
  • Fixed PHP Notice And Warning For Older PHP Version

Version 2.0 

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin Feature Update 2.0

 2.0 July 25, 2022

  • Activated Display Conditions For Individual Tabs
  • Added Active Tab Pointer Inside Position Setting
  • Added Settings To Make Tabs Stacked Vertical Or Inline Horizontal On Tablet/Phone
  • Added Feature To Display Tabs As Menu On Mobile
  • Added Content Height, Min Height, and Max Height Settings
  • Added Tab Content Scrollbar
  • Added Tab Content Scrollbar Width And Color Design Settings
  • Added 17 More Content Animations
  • Added Setting To Show Vertical/Horizontal Line Plus Width And Color Design Settings
  • Added Settings To Show Or Hide Tab Elements In Active/Inactive Tabs
  • Added Tabs Container Design Settings
  • Added Custom Tabs Height And Width
  • Added Spacing Between Setting
  • Added WooCommerce Support For Showing Product Reviews Count In Tab Title
  • Added Tabs Shape Feature To Select Premade Shapes For The Tabs
  • Changed The Tab Background Options For Images And Gradients To Affect The Tab Instead Of The Content
  • Updated Inactive Tabs Terminology To Tabs
  • Updated Tabs Design Settings To Also Affect The Active Tab Design Settings
  • Implemented ARIA Tags In The HTML Structure Of The Module For Better Accessibility Required By W3c And For Better SEO Crawling
  • Updated Tab Position Terminology For Further Clarity
  • Hide Active Tab Pointer On Mobile
  • Hide Icon Alignment When Left/Right Placement Is Used
  • Fixed The Active Tab Pointer Position Bug
  • Fixed Content Margin Bottom Not Rendering In The Visual Builder
  • Fixed Icon Margin Left/Right Not Working
  • Fixed Auto Switch Tabs/Progress Bar Bugs

Version 1.0 

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

 1.0 June 2, 2022

  • Initial Release
Last updated January 18, 2024

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