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How To Add Images To A Taxonomy Terms with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Add Images To Taxonomy Terms


When you install the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin, it adds settings to enable image support for taxonomies. This video and written documentation will guide you in enabling and adding the images.

adding image support for taxonomy terms with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

These settings allow you to add image support for whichever taxonomies you choose on your website. The plugin automatically supports any other taxonomy, such as Post Categories and Tags, the built-in Projects post type Project Categories and Project Tags, as well as other plugins such WooCommerce Product Categories and Tags, The Events Calendar Events Categories, LearnDash Course, Topic, and Lesson Categories, custom taxonomies, etc.

select the taxonomy in WordPress
viewing a list of categories with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

It couldn’t get much easier than that. After an image has been added, you can easily replace or remove it. To replace an image, click the Upload/Add Image button again and select your image. To remove an image, click the Remove button.

how to add an image to a category taxonomy term with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

 Add A Description

The description field comes by default with WordPress. This description is used by our Taxonomies module, similar to how an excerpt would be used to give display a short summary of the taxonomy. We recommend adding descriptions to all your taxonomies so that they can be used in our Taxonomies module. You can also use the description with dynamic content along with the image in the Theme Builder templates.

Last updated December 8, 2023

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