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Customizing The Countdown Timers for the Divi Timer Pro Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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Customizing The Countdown Timers

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/*sections - days, hours, minutes, seconds*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .section {
background-color: #fdcb2f;
/*values - days, hours, minutes, seconds*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .section.values {
width: 120px;
height: 100px;
margin: 5px
Hide First Digit of the Days and Move Remaining Digits Over
/*hide the first digit in the Days sectionr*/
.et_pb_countdown_timer div.days.section.values p:first-of-type:first-letter {
visibility: hidden;

/*adjust the position of the number to the left*/
.et_pb_countdown_timer div.days.section.values p:first-child {
position: relative;
left: -15px;
Hide The Days Section
/*hide the days section*/
.ditp_countdown_timer div.days.section.values {
display: none;
Hide The Seconds Section
/*hide the seconds section*/
.ditp_countdown_timer div.seconds.section.values {
  display: none;
Hide Only The First Separator (Between Days and Hours)
/*hide only the first separator between days and hours*/
.ditp_countdown_timer {
display: none;
Hide All Separators
/*hide all separators*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .sep {
display: none;
Position The Separators
/*position the separators*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .sep {
top: 16px;
/*add background around labels*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .section p.label {
  background: #000000;
  border-radius: 4px;
  padding: 2px 4px;
  margin-top: 10px;
Number Values
/*number values*/
.ditp_countdown_timer .section p.value {
  margin-top: -10px;

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