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Troubleshooting the Divi Timer Pro Plugin by Pee Aye Creative



If you happen to have more than one Divi Timer Pro module on the same page, then you would need to add additional cookies. These are based on the CSS divs of the module, so if you add a second module it would be ditp_countdown_timer_1, and if you add a third it would be ditp_countdown_timer 2, etc. So you would add additional cookies corresponding to the number of modules on any given page. So let’s say you have one page on your website with just one timer, but have another page on your website with 4 modules. In this scenario you would exclude the following cookies:


Exclude Cookies From Caching Plugins

If you experience the continuous page refresh loop (on any server other than WP Engine – see below), it means one of your plugins is blocking the cookies. This most likely is caused by a caching or optimization related plugin. You will need to check the settings of any of your installed plugins to find the culprit. 

Here is an example of how to exclude cookies in a caching plugin. The example shown in the screenshot is WP Rocket, but other plugins should have similar interfaces that allow you to do this. In the WP Rocket plugin, you can go to Settings>Advanced Rules and paste in the list of cookies above to exclude them from the website cache. This example would be if there are 6 timers on any single page of the website, which is unlikely. If you just have 1 or 2, see the notes above.

screenshot rocknspiritvibes.com 2020.12.21 17_39_12

Exclude Cookies From WP Engine

Unfortunately, WP Engine is infamous for their stance on automatically caching cookies on their server. We have reached out to them about this, hoping to find a workaround, but there is none. Since WP Engine does not have any setting or field for users to excluded cookies from the server cache by themselves (like the caching plugins do), they have informed us that users of our plugin (and other plugins that rely on cookies) need to contact their customer support and tell them to exclude the cookies listed above from their server cache.

Exclude Cookies From SG Optimizer

Unfortunately, SG Optimizer can cause the cookies to be removed as well. There is currently no option to exclude cookies from the cache. We have reached out to them to try to determine if they have a solution or any new feature coming. Meanwhile, you can simply exclude the URL of the page containing the Divi Timer Pro module. 

exclude pages from SG Optimizer cache

Last updated Oct 6, 2021 @ 3:50 pm


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