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How To Create A Loom Video For Product Support by Pee Aye Creative

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How To Create A Loom Video

Overview Video

Using Video For Support Issues

If you are having some issue with one of our products, it often helps to share the link, screenshots, and description of the issue. Those are all great, but another method is to show the issue with a video. A video helps save you from typing out explainations, but more importantly, it shows the steps you are taking, which will greatly increase the speed at which we can help resolve the issue.

It Is Super Easy

If sending a video sounds difficult, it’s not! That’s because you can use a product called Loom. This is a free video capture tool that records and automatically uploads the video to their server. You can then view or edit the video, and copy the link for our support team. It couldn’t be any easier!

How To Install

Go ahead and check out There you can see the features, and can easily create an account. You can choose to download the desktop version of Loom, or you can just use their super handy Chrome extension. For convenenicen, we use and recommend the Chrome extension. It truly couldn’t get any easier to use this! If you need help, just check out Loom’s guide on installing the Chrome extension.

Be sure to watch our video above to see the entire process in action!

Send Us The Link

The last step, after recording the video, is to simply copy and send us the link in an email. We’ll take a look and recomend the next step!

Last updated Jan 12, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

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