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How To Create A Support User Account For Product Support by Pee Aye Creative

We can often solve problems by just looking at the frontend of the site, but depending on the issue, we will need to log in to the backend of your site and see what is causing the issue. This guide will show you how to create a user account for the support team at Pee-Aye Creative.

temporary login without password plugin

This plugin adds a temporary self-expiring admin support user account on your WordPress website, and generates a special temporary link with which our support team can log in to your WordPress website without needing to bother with usernames and passwords.

2. Create Temporary Support User

Immediately after activating the plugin, you will be redirected to the main settings page for the plugin. You can also access this page from the new menu item in the Users menu. 

temporary login for support access

On the main Temporary Logins screen you will see a button at the top that says “Create New” temporary login. Clicking that button brings up a screen to enter the details.


This is the only required field, as this is required by WordPress. But please note this is now our email, this can be any email. This can be yours, or a temporary email, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the link that is generated when the user is created.


Please keep this set to Administrator, otherwise we would not be able to access our plugin files and properly check your site.


You could change when the login expires if you want, but we think that the default One Week is the best option. Depending on the issue, day of the week, etc. we may need extra time, and we don’t want to go back-and-forth in emails asking to extend the time, thus delaying it even more. On special occasions, we may ask you to set a different time frame.


Please set the language to English (United States), it will really help us!

default new support user settings

Click the “Submit” button and the user will be added, and a temporary access link will be generated. Click the copy button to copy the link. 

3. Copy The Login Link

After creating the temporary login account, a temporary login link will be generated. Click the copy button to copy the link. This link is what gives our support team the ability to log in to your site very easily and securely.

copy support user link

4. Send Us The Login Link

The last step is to send us the login link that you copied in step #3. It is very important that you send this to us privately. Simply paste the link in your reply to your support ticket.

If you are using the Divi Marketplace support forum, BE CAREFUL not to share the login link publicly. Make sure to share the temporary login link in the private message section when replying to the tick.

send login access via the private message section on Divi Marketplace

Next Steps

After we receive the login link, we will access your site and investigate the issue and work hard to get it resolved properly.

Delete The User When The Issue Is Solved

After the problem with the product has been resolved,, please delete our support user account. You will notice some available actions on the Temporary Logins settings screen, and you can click the red X to delete the login.

temporary login actions

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