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Product License Information

What You Can Do

Install Our Products On *Multiple Sites

Our Divi plugins, child themes, and layout packs are licensed for unlimited personal and business websites. This means you can purchase any of our products once and use them in any personal or business website that you own and manager or that you develop for your own client.

*This may change for new customers when we announce our membership.

Receive Lifetime Updates

Our Divi plugins, child themes, and layout packs are licensed with lifetime updates. Any product updates are provided as needed and are offered for free to existing customers. Our plugins send out new version automatically. You can learn more about that by viewing our doc on updating plugins.

NOTE: Due to the nature of child themes and layout packs, updates to your existing site would not only be difficult, but would also affect your styling and layouts. From time to time we update our child themes and layout packs to keep up with new Divi features, but this only affects new customers. Existing customers have access to updated products in your account downloads area.

 What You Can Not Do

You are not allowed to sell, distribute, trade, give, or repackage our Divi Child Themes to anyone else under any circumstances. Please contact us if you know of any illegal or unethical activity related to this.

NOTE: This is our current product license policy. If for some reason we decide to change this in the future, it would still apply to existing customers. At that point, all new customers would see our new product license policy. 

Last updated Aug 8, 2020 @ 6:48 pm

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All we ask is that you browse our documentation first before contacting us. We add anwers to every question we receive.

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If yes, please be sure read the Divi documentation or contact Elegant Themes support.

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If you think the answer is yes, then please fill out the form and we will be happy to help get this resolved!

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