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Product License Keys

What Are They

A product license key is a series of numbers and letters that is generated when you purchase our plugins. The license key is used to connect our plugin which you install on your website with your account on our website. This connection verifies the authenticity of your purchase and allows you to receive automatic updates and support.

Which Products Have License Keys

Our plugins are the only products that require a license key. Our child themes do not use license keys.

Curious about the different license options we offer? Please check our license policy guide to learn more.

Access License Keys – For Single Product Orders

For customers of single products, your license keys can be accessed from the Subscriptions tab. First, click the “View Order” button.

User interface showing subscriptions and license keys management.

If you were already viewing a single subscription, you can also click the “License Keys” button from there.

Interface showing active status and subscription details.

Access License Keys – For Membership Orders

For customers of the Divi Adventure Club membership, your license keys can be accessed from the parent order. From the main Orders page, locate the parent order and click the “License Keys” button. NOTE: The keys will not be here for the renewal orders.

Website user interface highlighting Orders section with options.
Screenshot of a completed software order and license keys.

Activating Your License Key After Installing A Plugin

When you install and activate any plugin purchased directly from our Pee-Aye Creative website, you will be prompted to add your license key to receive updates and support. While this does not technically restrict any functionality in the plugin, it is very important to do this to get automatic updates.

Access The License Page From The Admin Notice

After you install and activate one of our plugins, a notice will appear at the top of your WordPress Dashboard prompting you to enter a license key to receive updates and support. The notice will look something like this:

activate your product license key

Click the link to “enter your license key” which will take you to the license key input and activation page.

Access The License Page From The Settings Menu

Take not that if you want to access the license key page in the future to add or deactivate the key, you can access it from the WordPress settings menu by hovering over or clicking Settings and then the name of the plugin in the submenu. WordPress>Settings>[Product Name].

where to find the license key settings from an installed plugin from Pee Aye Creative

Paste Your License Key And Save

On the license key activation page, you will see an input field to enter your license key. Find your license key from your account (following the instructions above) and paste it into the license key input field and click the “Save” button.

add your license key after installing a Pee Aye Creative plugin
Key Generator interface with 'Generate License Key' button.

The dropdown will list any of the plugins that are available to generate new keys, and will indicate the number of keys left to generate. If you purchased more than one plugin, you can use the dropdown selector to select which one you want. After making your selection, click the “Generate License Key” button, and it will create a new key for you to use for that plugin.

how to deactivate a Pee Aye Creative plugin from the website where it is installed
Software license management interface with deactivate option highlighted.
Screenshotted user interface with license key management options.

I still can't find my license keys!

If you are having trouble locating your license keys with the information above (it can be confusing), you can always access all your keys by going to the URL From this screen, you will see a button “License Manage” associated with an order number.

How do license keys work with a multisite?

A multisite network is treated as one domain. The location where you enter the license key will depend on whether you have the plugin “network activated” or just active on specific subsites.

  • If the plugin is network activated, you can enter the license key from the “Settings>[plugin name]” menu in any subsite.
  • If the plugin is only active on one or more subsites, you would need to enter the license key from “Settings>[plugin name] of the individual subsite where the plugin is active.

There was a problem connecting...

Occasionally we hear that a customer is trying to activate the license key, but it is not activating and instead there is a message about a problem connecting to our website. This issue is very rare. The message is like this:

There was a problem connecting to[product-name]/

Our team has not narrowed this issue down to a few very specific causes that may help when troubleshooting this issue.

  • Normally it happens when our hosting server is extra busy, so if you simply try again later, it should work fine.
  • WordFence related – we have found both on our own website and on customer sites that WordFence can block our license keys. We have heard from others that it works if you deactivate Wordfence, so if you can test with WordFence temporarily deactivated, that would be great.

If these methods do not work, you can let us know, and we will do our best to get it resolved.

Last updated June 11, 2024

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