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Product License Keys

What Are They

A product license key is a series of numbers and letters that is generated when you purchase our products. This key is used to connect the product which you install on your website with your account here, which allows you to receive automatic updates and support for your product.

Which Products Have License Keys

Currently, only our plugins require a license key. 

Orders tab in the account of Pee Aye Creative
find your license keys in the orders tab of the account Pee Aye Creative
managing your Pee Aye Creative product license keys

Activate Your Product License

When you install one of our licensed products, you will see a notice at the top of your WordPress Dashboard prompting you to activate your product license. The notice will look something like this:

activate your product license key

Go ahead and click the link in the notice to enter your license key which will take you to the license activation page. Take note that if you want to access this page in the future you can do so by clicking the name of the product in the menu under WordPress>Settings>[Product Name].

On the license activation page you will see an input field to enter your license key. Find your license key (instructions below) and paste it into the license key input field and click “Save.”

enter your license key
Pee Aye Creative product license key generator

Use the dropdown selector to choose your product. Notice that it will give the available products and will indicate the number of keys left to generate.

After making your selection, click the “Generate License Key” button and it will create a new key for you to use for that product.

Pee Aye Creative how to deactivate a product license key from a website
Pee Aye Creative how to deactivate a product license key from My Account
Pee Aye Creative how to delete a product license key from My Account

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