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Product License Key Management

Product License Keys

What Is It

A product license key is a series of numbers and letters that is generated when you purchase our products. This key is used to connect the product which you install on your website with your account here, which allows you to receive automatic updates and support for your product.

Which Products Have One

Currently, only some of our products require a license key. We are slowly transitioning to this new licensing system. The list below gives the current products that require license keys:

  • Divi Events Calendar
  • Divi Responsive Helper
  • Divi Timer Pro
  • Divi Social Sharing Buttons

Activate Your Product License

When you install one of our licensed products, you will see a notification message in the top of your WordPress Dashboard prompting you to activate your product license. The notice will look something like this:

activate your product license key

Click the link in the notice to enter your license key which will take you to the license activation page. Note that you can also click the name of the product in the menu under WordPress>Settings. Next, you will see an input field and you will be asked to enter your license key.

managing your Pee Aye Creative product license key
Pee Aye Creative product license key in My Account
Pee Aye Creative product license key unassigned in My Account
enter your license key

Last updated Jan 27, 2021 @ 11:46 pm

Get Support

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All we ask is that you browse our documentation first before contacting us. We add anwers to every question we receive.

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If yes, please contact your hosting provider for help.

Is the question or issue related to Divi?

If yes, please be sure read the Divi documentation or contact Elegant Themes support.

Is the question or issue related to our product?

If you think the answer is yes, then please fill out the form and we will be happy to help get this resolved!

Context is essential for us to help you, so please review the suggestions in our Product Support Policy about how to ask for help and what information to provide to us.

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