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What Is A Subscription?

A subscription is simply what grants you access to your account, downloads, license keys, and support. All plugins sold on Pee-Aye Creative’s website are technically subscriptions, even though they are sold as either annual or lifetime purchase options. To clarify, a subscription in this case does not mean it will have a recurring fee, but rather some subscriptions are annual payments, and some are lifetime payments. 

What Is A “Lifetime” Subscription?

This gets confusing sometimes. You may wonder why your “lifetime” purchase shows an annual renewal for $0. Believe it or not, Woo Subscriptions does not have a lifetime option. It’s hard to believe, and frustrating! Because of this, the only option we have is to set up the lifetime price as a “sign-up fee” associated with a yearly subscription of $0. It’s crazy, and I hate it. But it is required, otherwise you would not be able to access anything.

Accessing Your Subscriptions

Anything related to managing your product subscription(s) can be accessed from the Subscriptions tab in your account.

access and mange Subscription tab in your Pee Aye Creative account

Subscription Orders

When an order is placed on our website, it automatically generates an associated subscription which grants you access to the product downloads, license keys, and support. This same subscription will be associated with the parent order and any renewal orders later. The subscriptions will appear on the Subscriptions tab of your account

Subscription Payment Methods

Any payment method used when purchasing a product will be listed at the bottom of the Subscriptions tab. You can make any of the payment methods default or delete them. In the screenshot example, the first method is PayPal which is default, and the other method is a credit card, which has the option to make it default.

View Subscription Details

To access an individual subscription, you can click the pink subscription ID number or click the green “View Subscription” button (see screenshot above). This will take you to the individual subscription page. 

Annual Product Subscriptions

Since there would never be any need to cancel a lifetime subscription, this document will focus on annual subscriptions. All our annual subscriptions are also unlimited, which allows you to use the product on multiple sites, receive product updates, access product download files, and receive product support. Please note that Annual Unlimited subscriptions will automatically renew each year until cancelled.

Renewing Your Subscription

Since there would never be any desire or need to cancel a lifetime subscription, this document will focus on annual subscriptions. Customers who purchased any product with an Annual Unlimited subscription plan need to renew each year. Renewing your subscription is very important if you want to continue receiving access to downloads, bug fixes, license keys, new feature updates, and product support.

Renewals Are Billed Automatically By Default

By default, subscriptions and their payments are set to auto-renew exactly one calendar year from the initial purchase. This means that no action is required by the customer to renew the subscription. You can manage your subscriptions by going to your Account area of our website.

If you don’t want your payment to process automatically renew, you can disable the auto-renewal feature from your subscriptions page in your account or cancel your subscription.

subscription auto renew payment

At the renewal period, the system will attempt to use the same billing information on record and your subscription will not be interrupted. The system processes the renewal payment with the same payment method used to purchase the subscription. This is saved when you purchase the initial product/subscription. If you do not want the payment to process automatically, you can turn off automatic payments and use manual payments instead.

If you turn off Auto Renewal toggle, the subscription will remain active, and you will receive an email prompting you to pay for the order manually at the subscription renewal date.

Email Notifications

A courtesy reminder email will be sent 3 days before the renewal date to remind you that your subscription is going to renew.

New renewal order emails are sent when a subscription renewal payment is processed and completed.

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can cancel your annual subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to your Account area of our website and clicking on the Subscriptions tab. There you will see several green buttons. Click the Cancel button to proceed.

how to cancel a subscription

We have noticed some customers go directly to PayPal and cancel the billing agreement there. This is not the correct way to cancel your subscription, since the subscription is handled by our website, which means it will have no effect on your actual account. If you intend to cancel, please follow the directions provided here. We are not responsible for any subscriptions that renew unintentionally due to users who ignore the proper cancellation method.

What Happens Next When You Cancel A Subscription?

If you cancel a subscription, this means it will not renew on the next renewal date. Until the expiration date is reached, it will technically have a “Pending Cancellation” status. Everything will continue to function as normal including access to downloads, automatic updates, course access, and support until the expiration date is reached. This date is 1 year from the purchase of the subscription. When the renewal date is reached after you have cancelled the subscription, the subscription will change to the “Expired” status. At that point downloads will lose access to downloads, license keys, updates, and support.

Cancel Does Not Mean Refund

Keep in mind that cancelling your subscription does not initiate a refund, it simply turns off auto-renewal for the next billing cycle. A refund is a totally different situation unrelated to cancelling. To learn more about refunds, please visit our product refund policy page. Our terms of service state that we do not give refunds for subscription renewals. We sometimes make exceptions, but only for genuine or technical reasons, such as if you did not receive the renewal reminders.

When Your Subscription Expires

If you purchase a product with an annual license and it expires, you will lose access to downloads, courses, updates, and support. You will need to renew the subscription from your account in order to activate those features.

Will The Product Stop Working?

The installed product will not stop working without the license key, but it will not receive updates. This could potentially cause the product to break or stop working as WordPress and Divi are updated or as web technologies change. Software updates are an ongoing, crucial aspect of website maintenance and need to be taken seriously. We strongly recommend keeping all products up to date to avoid any issues. 


If your subscription has been cancelled or expired, you can resubscribe by logging into your Account area and clicking on the Subscriptions tab. There you will see a green button that says “Resubscribe.” This will activate the subscription again. The billing schedule for the new subscription is based on the new resubscribe date.

Switch Subscriptions

Sometimes you may want to upgrade your subscription, for example change from Lifetime Single to Lifetime Unlimited. This should be easy with our system (WooCommerce) but of course they make it complicated. The issue is that our “lifetime” subscriptions are using a “signup fee” instead of a recurring price, and so it does not allow us to simply switch with a click of a button like we expect. However, never fear, there are workarounds!

First, you need to contact us and let us know exactly what you are wanting to switch. We’ll check your order and based on that evaluate if you qualify for a coupon code. 

Go to your account and click on My Subscription, then click the Switch Plan button. This will take you to the product page. Select the Lifetime Unlimited plan, and click the green button to Switch Plans. This adds the item to your cart.

You will notice the price is not prorated, so to solve that we will provide a custom coupon code to make this fair.

switch subscription plans

Update Billing Information

You can add or delete your payment methods in your account by clicking on the Subscriptions tab. Please make sure to have a valid payment method at all times, especially at the time of your subscription renewal payment. Otherwise, it will fail and retry, and you will get lots of emails about it – wouldn’t want that 😉

Last updated April 19, 2024

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