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Product Support Policy

Here at Pee-Aye Creative, we are committed to our products and to our customers. Many of you already have found out that we try to reply quickly and provide professional and yet personal service. Normally it is I, Nelson the owner of the company, replying from my personal email account, often at night, on weekends, or whenever I get the notification.

The purpose of this policy is to lay out some of the basic expectations, provide some info about licenses, and provide instructions on how to get support.

Support Licenses


If you purchased a product with an Annual Unlimited license, this allows you to have peace of mind as WordPress, Divi, and software keeps changing. We will be here to help and support our products during the first year from the date of purchase. If a year has passed and you have not renewed the license, you would need to purchase the product again or pay a fee to get support.


If you purchased a product with Lifetime Single or Lifetime Unlimited license, this basically means we’ll keep supporting your product as long as we are in business. In other words, we will make every effort to provide support as long as we are able. With the Lifetime license, you won’t have to purchase again or pay a fee to get support.

How To Ask For Support

Check The Documentation First

We are happy to help you with anything you need related to our products. If there is any issue or concern with your product, please browse the documentation first to see if we have something that addresses it. If not, we have a support contact form on every documentation page so you can easily contact us. Please use that form form only and do not use our main contact form.

HELP US ALL: We get emails every day from customers who never even read or reference the documentation and ask  questions that are clearly explained there. We love to answer questions, but please do us both a favor and look for what you need before contacting us.

Last updated Jul 6, 2021 @ 12:22 pm

Get Support

Have a question? Something not going well? I am happy to help!

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