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Product Updates & Renewals

Product License Keys

Currently, only some of our products require a license key. We are slowly transitioning to this new licensing system. The list below gives the current products that require license keys:

  • Divi Events Calendar
  • Divi Responsive Helper
  • Divi Timer Pro

A product license key is generated for each product that you purchase. You will need this to activate your product license to receive updates and support.

Activate Your Product License

When you install one of our licensed products, you will see a notification message in the top of your WordPress Dashboard prompting you to activate your product license. The notice will look something like this:

activate your product license key

Click the link in the notice to enter your license key which will take you to the license activation page. Note that you can also click the name of the product in the menu under WordPress>Settings.

enter your license key
How to update the Divi Events Calendar Module plugin
Successfully updated the Divi Events Calendar Module plugin

How To Get Child Theme Updates

Due to the nature of child themes and layout packs, updates to your existing site would not only be difficult, but would also affect your styling and layouts. From time to time we update our child themes and layout packs to keep up with new Divi features, but this only affects new customers. Existing customers have access to updated products in your account downloads area.

When Your License Expires

If you purchase the annual license and it expires, you will need to renew the subscription in order to continue receiving product updates and support. The product will not stop working necessarily, but as software changes updates become an ongoing crucial aspect of website maintenance and need to be updated. We strongly recommend keeping all products up too date to avoid issues with Divi and WordPress. 

You will receive subscription renewal notifications 10 days before your subscription expires. You can renew your subscriptions by going to your My Account area on our website.

Last updated Jan 12, 2021 @ 7:36 pm

Get Support

Something not going well? We are happy to help!

All we ask is that you browse our documentation first before contacting us. We add anwers to every question we receive.

Is the question or issue related to WordPress?

If yes, please contact your hosting provider for help.

Is the question or issue related to Divi?

If yes, please be sure read the Divi documentation or contact Elegant Themes support.

Is the question or issue related to our product?

If you think the answer is yes, then please fill out the form and we will be happy to help get this resolved!

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