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Download 35 Free Demo Layouts For The Divi Taxonomy Helper Module

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
I'm happy to announce that we now have 35 free demo layouts to view and download for the Divi Taxonomy Helper module!

FYI: Our Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin allows you to display a grid of or list of taxonomies, like categories and tags, anywhere on your site. Perfect for blog posts, portfolio, WooCommerce stores, events, or any post type!

▶️ Please watch the video below to get all the exciting details! 👇

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Viewing The Demos

All the layouts are available to view on our demo site. These were created to give some examples of how they can be used. The screenshot below shows all the demos available at this time. We have some for:

  • Blog Posts Categories
  • WooCommerce Product Categories
  • Portfolio Project Categories
  • Event Categories (perfect for Divi Events Calendar)
Divi Taxonomy Helper Module 35 Demo Examples

How To Download The Layouts

The layouts are available to download directly from the live demo website. Simply visit the site and click the download button located in the top-right corner of each demo section. Note that these are section layouts, not row or modules. Clicking the download button will prompt the download window to open, and you can save the file anywhere eon your computer.

How To Install The layouts

Import To The Divi Library

To use the layouts, you need to import them to your Divi Library. Please note the “Divi Library” terminology used here, as it will not work to try to import them into the actual page layout. You must go to Divi>Divi Library>Import.

Add The Sections To Your Page

After the layouts are imported to your Divi Library, you can now go to any page on your site and add them to the layout. Be sure to click the plus button on the blue section. Remember, these are section layouts and will only work to be added as sections, not as rows or modules.

Keep in mind, the demo layouts are only related to the design of the Taxonomies module. The actual taxonomy setup and images would not be possible to be included since they are added within your website context only. The download files is only for the design of the module. You would first need to configure the taxonomies on your own site, then add images and descriptions with our instructions here, and then set up the module.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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