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Divi and Extra Child Themes Free Download by Pee Aye Creative

FREE Divi & Extra Child Themes Available To Download

I'm excited to let you know about our FREE Divi and Extra Child Themes that are available for you to download and use to add custom code to your website!

In many of our Divi tutorials we say to paste a snippet of code here or there. Most of these tutorials involve code, like CSS, jQuery, or PHP. We created a guide on Where To Add Custom Code In Divi, which is super helpful, but some of you were asking for a child theme for eitehr Divi or Extra in order to take advantage of the features or functionality in the tutorials. We decided to give you a free Divi child theme or Extra child theme for you to download and use on your site! 

Free Child Theme For The DIVI Theme

There is a lot of debate and discussion around child themes for Divi, whether they are truly needed or not. Technically you can add CSS and some script code to Theme Options, but there are a lot of technical reasons why a child theme is better, such as hierarchy, loading order, and cache. Basically, it’s always best to use a child theme if you are adding any code to Divi. Otherwise, when Divi updates the code would be overwritten, so this solves that. We have a full guide and video if you want to  learn more about Child Themes vs. Layout Packs. This would actually give you much more understanding of what a child theme does and why you need one.

Free Child Theme For The EXTRA Theme

Nobody seems to care about the Extra theme from Elegant Themes anymore, and I personally don’t much either. Some would even argue that Elegant Themes has forgotten it, and in some ways they have, and it makes sense. But we had a request for a child theme for Extra since the code inside the Divi child theme file is slightly different and they are not interchangeable, and are pleased to be filling this unique market gap. So if you are using the Extra theme and need to paste some snippets from our tutorials or elsewhere, just head on over to the page and download your child theme.

What’s Included

Both versions of the child theme have the same included files. 

style.css file


This is the stylesheet where you can add any and all CSS snippets. We often refer to the Divi Theme Options, but placing the CSS here is the best place!

scripts.js file


This file is where you can add any JavaScript or jQuery snippets. You could add these to Divi Theme Options Integrations tab, but this is better!

PHP file


This is the file where you can add custom functions and and other PHP snippets. Use this file carefully and follow instrutions on the tutorials.


This is the thumbnail image that displays in the WordPress themes area. Feel free to edit or replace this with the same size image if you prefer.


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Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

Nelson is the owner of Pee-Aye Creative Co in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. He loves helping small businesses, exploring, building websites with Divi, and teaching others.

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