How To Change The Divi Menu Module Responsive Breakpoint

This quick Divi tutorial and code snippet will show you how to easily change the Divi Menu module responsive breakpoint to any screen size you want.

Show Divi Mobile Menu On Larger Screen Sizes

The first step in our short tutorial is to copy and paste a code snippet into your Divi website. This CSS snippet will essentially change the Divi Menu module responsive breakpoint by causing the mobile menu to display on larger screen sizes. The cool part is that we can tell it.

The CSS snippet is telling the browser to display the mobile version of the Divi menu at a wider screen than the default. 

To show the Divi hamburger on larger screen sizes, just copy and paste the code snippet below into your Divi>Theme Options> Custom CSS code box and save.

Next, feel free to adjust the 1149px value to whatever you want. Keep in mind that by default, the Divi Menu responsive breakpoint is 980px, so anything larger than that will work.

TIP: You can find the correct number by using your browser inspect tool. Just right-click on your website, find the “inspect” option, and then look for the tablet/phone icon. From you, you can drag your screen size large or small and it will tell you the pixel size.

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