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How To Change The Divi Menu Module Responsive Breakpoint Tutorial by Pee-Aye Creative

How To Change The Divi Menu Module Responsive Breakpoint

This quick Divi tutorial and code snippet will show you how to easily change the Divi Menu module responsive breakpoint to any screen size you want.

Show Divi Mobile Menu On Larger Screen Sizes

The first step in our short tutorial is to copy and paste a code snippet into your Divi website. This CSS snippet will essentially change the Divi Menu module responsive breakpoint by causing the mobile menu to display on larger screen sizes. The cool part is that we can tell it.

The CSS snippet is telling the browser to display the mobile version of the Divi menu at a wider screen than the default. 

To show the Divi hamburger on larger screen sizes, just copy and paste the code snippet below into your Divi>Theme Options> Custom CSS code box and save.

/*adjust Divi Menu module breakpoint*/
@media only screen and (max-width: 1149px) {
    .et_pb_menu .et_pb_menu__menu {
        display: none;
    .et_mobile_nav_menu {
        display: block

Next, feel free to adjust the 1149px value to whatever you want. Keep in mind that by default, the Divi Menu responsive breakpoint is 980px, so anything larger than that will work.

TIP: You can find the correct number by using your browser inspect tool. Just right-click on your website, find the “inspect” option, and then look for the tablet/phone icon. From you, you can drag your screen size large or small and it will tell you the pixel size.

Last updated Jan 3, 2021 @ 1:08 pm

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Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

Nelson is the owner of Pee-Aye Creative Co in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. He loves helping small businesses, exploring, building websites with Divi, and teaching others.
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8 months ago

In Divi 4.4.6 and later, this should be changed to:

/*adjust Divi Menu module breakpoint*/
@media only screen and (max-width: 1160px) {
#top-menu-nav {
display: none;
#et_mobile_nav_menu {
display: block

Reply to  Jeremiah
3 months ago

Thank you Jeremiah!!
I couldn’t work out why the media queries wasn’t working – I am using the default menu, so you’ve saved my sanity, thank you 🙂

Clay Ravin
Clay Ravin
7 months ago

Hi, thanks for this Nelson!
I still had some problems with this it for some bizarre reason Divi wraps its mobile menu styling in media queries. And because my full-width menu is right aligned.
I also had to wrap the following in your media query…

.et_pb_fullwidth_menu .et_mobile_menu, .et_pb_fullwidth_menu .et_mobile_menu ul, .et_pb_menu .et_mobile_menu, .et_pb_menu .et_mobile_menu ul {
list-style: none!important;
text-align: left;

And then, because my full-width header is fixed and that definitely doesn’t work with a drop-down mobile menu, I had to add the following to your media query as well…

header .et_pb_section_0_tb_header {
  position: relative!important;


Clay Ravin
Clay Ravin

I phrased that badly Nelson. It’s just a custom header section that happens to be full-width.

Ben Wilson
6 months ago

Thanks for the help with this issue. I have a design question. Client wants the hamburger fix in the main menu (done), but then display normal menu in footer. I assume I can wrap menu in a class, but not having any luck.

Ted Carron
Ted Carron
4 months ago

I’m going mad. I am following your instructions in Aug 2020 (on a freshly downloaded and installed version of the divi theme) and it is just plain doing nothing. The hamburger transition happens at the same point regardless of what number I put in as the breakpoint.

Interestingly I have searched all the source files using chrome and I can’t find the number I put in anywhere.
I have tried putting the css in the theme options and theme customisation too.

Nothing – if you could help me that would be great.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ted Carron
David Andora
3 months ago

I keep trying all of your various menu module codes with variations with no success. I’d like to confine the mobile version of my module-based menu to 768px and smaller. Desktop version on everything larger. I tried this snippet set to 768 px, but see no difference. Mobile menu still showing up until 980.


Doh! I’m gonna go outside and cry for a while. lol. I’ve turned off caching, removed all other custom CSS… disabled many plugins. There’s definitely something off. Thanks for looking! Where’s a good place to hire a divi expert for last minute troubleshooting?

Arvie U Bragas
2 months ago

Hi, great tutorial!

However, I want to make my whole header change responsive breakpoint not just the menu.

How can I go about it?

Here is the site I am working on:

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