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How To Clear Divi Website Cache Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

How To Clear Your Divi Website Cache

The quick Divi Pro Tip tutorial will show you how to fix Divi and clear your Divi website cache, browser cache, or CDN cache.

Clear The Browser Cache

A good place to start clearing cache when working on a Divi website is the browser you are using. The browser is trying to do it’s job, storing files locally to save you internet and speed things up, but if you are working on things, especially in the Divi Builder, then you need to clear the browser often as you work.


In Chrome, which is the browser I usually use, just go to the three dot menu, hover over “More tools,” and click on “Clear browsing data…”

Pro Tip: I use this handy Chrome Extension.

clear your Divi website cache in the Chrome browser

A popup will open with lots of options, but the one we need to select is “Cached images and files.” Then just click “Clear data” and you are done with that.

clear your Divi website cache using the Chrome browser

Clear The Divi Cache AKA Static CSS File Generation

One of the most common culprits to any Divi issue is the Divi cache. This is the very first setting that I turn off on any new site build. It’s probably an okay feature once the site is live and you are no longer working on it, but until then, I highly recommend turning this off completely. At the very lease, make sure to hit that “CLEAR” button!

You can find this setting from your WordPress Dashboard by going to Divi>Theme Options>Builder>Advanced.

turn off static file generation in Divi

Clear Any Caching Plugin

I happen to be using SG Optimizer because I use Siteground hosting, so this plugin adds a button in the admin bar at the top. 

clear your Divi plugin cache

I use WP Fastest Cache here on and they have a very similar button in the WordPress admin bar.

how to clear your Divi plugin cache

Purge The Website’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cache

What Is A CDN

A content delivery network stores multiples sets of your website files on servers all around the world. This helps users access your files quickly, because they are located closer to the end users.

There are several content delivery networks, like Cloudflare, KeyCDN, Stackpath, and more. Often a hosting company will partner will a CDN to provide optimal server speed to it’s users. For example, Siteground partners with Cloudflare and provides free accounts for all of it’s users.

Purge The CDN Cache

To clear the cache on your content deliver network, log in and look for the option to purge the cache. For me using Cloudflare it’s as simple as logging in, choosing the domain, clicking the cache tab, and then the Configuration tab.

how to purge your Cloudflare cache on your Divi website

If you click on “Purge Everything” it will do just like it sounds, clear the cache on every page of your site. But if you select “Custom Purge” you can input a specific page url to clear. If you have an issue on a certain page, or you just updated that page, then this custom purge is the way to go.

custom purge specific URL on your Divi site with cloudflare CDN

Most likely whichever CDN you are using has a similar feature. If you are not sure if your website has a CDN, contact your hosting support and ask them about it.

Still Need Help?

If you have some issue that still persists after all the cache is cleared, then I recommend reaching my full guide on how to solve issues and problems in Divi. It pretty much solves every issue possible!


How To Fix Divi Issues and Problems Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

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Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

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