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How To Convert A Squarespace Website To Divi Tutorial Guide by Pee-Aye Creative

How To Convert A Squarespace Website To Divi

In this guide we will walk you through the steps to convert a Squarespace website to Divi.

Do you want to migrate from smaller platform to more flexible option like WordPress? If you don’t know how to migrate your website from Squarespace to Divi, you need to read this article as we are going to talk about step by step guide about how to convert Squarespace to Divi.

Many users start their online websites from smaller platforms like Wix and Squarespace and these options seem sufficient in the beginning. These platforms are great for smaller businesses but as your audiences begin to grow, you start facing difficulties. At that moment, many users realize that they need some better options like WordPress.

Squarespace vs. WordPress Divi

Both platforms are great and have different capabilities, pros, and cons. If one platform is great for some special tasks, it might be less efficient for another. Square Space is the best website building platform with the most attractive website templates in the market right now. But on the other hand, WordPress provides better control of your site and you can do almost anything with WordPress.

Why do you need to convert to Divi?

You can choose any platform based on your need and requirements. If you are already using WordPress, that’s great but if you want to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress Divi, this article is a perfect guide for you.  

Limitations of Squarespace

You need to admit that platforms like Squarespace offer limited features as compared to larger platforms like WordPress. If you have customized requirements, you will find the tools in Squarespace limited and insufficient.

On the other side, Divi is a flexible theme for WordPress and you can mold things as per your taste and requirements. This is all possible due to the unlimited availability of plugins and tools for WordPress.

SEO Friendly Platform

Although Squarespace is also a good platform for better search engine visibility yet the extra SEO plugins of WordPress can help a lot to boost your ranking in the search engines. Divi is a special theme in WordPress that supports better users experience and that leads to SEO friendliness of the site.

Making Updates to the site

Once you are done with building your website, your job is not done. To beat the competition and your rival brands, you need to update the content regularly. Updating site is difficult in Squarespace. But in case of Divi, you just need to click a few buttons and you will be able to do a total makeover of your site.

In WordPress, you can even change the theme of the website to give it a new look.

Better Community Support

How many of your colleagues are using Squarespace? The number of Squarespace users is quite little as compared to Divi users. If you face any issue with your Squarespace website, you don’t have many options except hiring an experienced person for the job. There are millions of active WordPress and Divi users at different platforms and you can ask for help from anyone. Websites and blogs are full of articles about WordPress queries and solutions.

Step by Step Guide to Migrate from Squarespace to Divi

We are going to go through simple and easy steps that you need to follow to convert Squarespace to Divi. We have provided graphical material too. So, if you have any query regarding the migration process, please let us know in the comment section.

Step 1: Getting Started with Divi

If you are converting your Squarespace website to WordPress or Divi, the first step is to choose a professional theme like Divi that meets all of your business and website needs. Divi offers its site builder that performs better than other themes. There are thousands of sites that are using the Divi theme in 2019.

Step 2: Setup your Divi Website

If you have purchased a quality hosting service and domain name, the third step is to set up your Divi website with the theme. This new website is the new home for your old Divi Website.

Once you have installed WordPress on your hosting provider platform, the next step to take care of other things so your site will be ready for the migration once we start importing content and media from Squarespace to Divi.

Step 3: Exporting Squarespace Content

There are some built-in export options but in reality, these features are not sufficient for a complete Squarespace migration. Some content can be migrated easily but for some contents, you will have to do everything manually. There is no fully automatic tool for Squarespace to Divi migration.

Here are some main contents of Squarespace that you can export to any Divi or WordPress website. You will have to do the manual migration for the remaining contents.

Contents to be exported

  • All the pages of the Squarespace site will be exported
  • One page from Squarespace will appear as the blog post and will appear in WordPress
  • Gallery pages can be exported

Not Exportable Contents

  • Product pages, event pages, and album pages
  • Video, audio, product block will not work
  • Custom CSS and style changes
  • Index pages and folders will not be exported

Media Import

You need to remember that the images and media will not be exported and you need to import the images later manually.

Now, let’s get started with the import process and export the content from Squarespace to Divi. After this guide, you will be able to take a fresh start with the website and grow the site.

Log in to Squarespace account and go to settings. Choose the “Advanced” option and click on the “Import/Export” menu.

Your system will display an Import/export settings page. Now, click on the export button to continue.

The next window will show the popup menu and you will see the logo of WordPress. Squarespace will only convert content that is suitable for the WordPress website. If your Squarespace website has the products, you can download the separate CSV file for the products.

Click on the WordPress logo to start the process of migration.

The progress of the export process will appear on the import/export button. Once the process is completed, you will have an option to download the file.

Step 4: Import Contents from Squarespace to Divi

The next step of the migration is to import the content to Divi or WordPress. Now, log into your WordPress dashboard and choose the “Tools” option. Now, choose the Import page and you will see some platforms that you can choose from.

You will not see the Squarespace option on that list. The content from Squarespace will be imported in XML format. All you need to do is to click on the “Install Now” button to continue.

WordPress will now fetch the file and install the importer for the WordPress site. Now, click on the “Run Importer” button.

WordPress will now fetch the file and install the importer for the WordPress site. Now, click on the “Run Importer” button.

The next screen will have the option to choose and upload the file that you have already downloaded.

The WordPress will check the Squarespace file for possible errors and if everything is fine, import settings will appear. There will be an option to upload the image attachments too but it mostly does not work and you will have to upload the images manually.

When the file will be uploaded after entering the author name, click on the submit button and WordPress will start importing contents from Squarespace. After the process is complete, you will get a message about the success of the migration.

Step 5: Importing Images from Squarespace

Squarespace does not offer an option to import the images automatically. But there is an automatic way to upload the images and you can use plugins for that purpose. If you don’t want to use any kind of plugin for this purpose, you can choose the manual way too.

WordPress allows users to perform bulk actions. You can upload many images at the same time and then edit each post manually.

Step 6: Fixing the Permalinks

If you want to provide the same experience to users as your last Squarespace website, you need to fix the permalinks of the posts so you don’t miss any traffic that you were getting from Squarespace previously. WordPress offers SEO friendly permalink structure.

Go to the permalinks setting and you will see many formats for permalinks in WordPress. You can choose any format that is similar to your Squarespace website posts.

Step 7: Importing other Contents

If you have carts, products, and albums on your Squarespace website, there is no way to import those to WordPress or Divi. The best way to import such contents is to recreate the same pages in the WordPress site or upload the products manually.


Your new WordPress site should be ready after this process and now, you can use Divi theme to for better user experience. This guideline is mainly about converting Squarespace site to Divi site and you need to convert Squarespace website to WordPress firstly and from there you can install Divi in WordPress site.

Last updated Jan 3, 2021 @ 1:24 pm

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