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How To Create A Click To Call Or Send Text Button Link In Divi

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In this tutorial I show you how to add a click to call or send sms text button link in Divi that will automatically open the user's phone or texting app.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

Add A Click To Call Button In Divi

Add A Button Module

The first button we will create today is one that opens the phone app on the user’s phone. So to start, you simply need to add a Divi Button module to your layout. You may want this in your Theme Builder header or footer, or anywhere else on the page. 

Add The Button Text 

The second step is to simply add some button text. You may want to say something like “Call Now” or maybe you want to show the actual phone number like (123) 456-7890.

Add The Phone Number 

The last step is to add the actual phone number without any spaces or other characters. So instead of using parenthesis or dashes, just type the number like “1234567890.”

Add The Tel: Link

Now for the real trick here. In order to make the phone number into a link, you need to add “tel:” to the beginner of teh phone number. It would be like this: “tel:1234567890”

Add A Click To Send SMS Text Button In Divi

The steps to add an SMS text button link in Divi are the same as the previous steps for a phone link, with only one change. 

Add The SMS: Link

Instead of using tel: which opens the phone app, you can use sms: to open the default texting app on the users phone. So all you need to do is add the phone number and add “sms:” to the beginner like this: “sms:1234567890”

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Comments By Others

  1. Leslie

    Thank you SO much for this!! Talk about easy but I wouldn’t have known how to do it without your step-by-step. You helped me impress my client because it seems like something that would be hard to do 😉

  2. sakshi shrivastava

    Thanks for sharing. Please can you also share how to add whatsapp in custom button.


    • Hemant Gaba

      Hi Sakshi,

      We got your query and as of now we haven’t created any code for that but as soon as we do, we will get back to you.

      Let us know if you have any other queries. 🙂

  3. Amy Brown

    Nice to learn this useful thing. thanks for sharing and please keep it up.


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