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How To Download Any Old Version Of The Divi Theme

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to download any older version of the Divi theme using our free tool.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

How Does This Work?

I can imagine you already have questions! How can we give away the Divi theme files for free? The short answer: we are not! When we created our How To Properly Update Divi tutorial series, we created a guide on How To Roll Back Divi. The only downside to that is of course the limitation of which version you can actually roll back to. So we got to thinking…what if we could solve this? So we created a tool to help you download any version of Divi directly from your Elegant Themes account.

What Normally Happens When You Download Divi

When you go to your Elegant Themes members area and download the Divi Theme, a few important things are happening in the background. The system uses your username and API key to verify that you have an active membership, and then spits out the download link URL, which prompts an immediate download of the latest version in your browser. The zip file comes from the Elegant Themes API, which is the same place we got the changelog for our simplified Divi changelog (check it out, it’s pretty cool). The only missing element in this setup is the ability to choose the version number, which is hidden from you.

Our Tool Configures The URL

The form on our tool page provides an input field for you to enter your Elegant Themes username, API key, and select the version of Divi that you want to download. Absolutely nothing is saved in the form or database on our website! As soon as you click the “Download” button, our tool simply assembles each of those items into the correct location in a special URL. That’s all our tool does, creates the correct URL that the API requires from the data that you provide. This configured URL is actually already used by your Elegant Themes account, so we are simply configuring the elements that make up their own URL, and from there it connects to the Elegant Themes server. The rest is actually handled by them.

how to download any version of Divi theme

The File Comes From Elegant Themes

Obviously we are not providing the files ourselves. The configured URL is linked directly to the Elegant Themes servers, and if the username and API key you enter are valid, it passes authentication and provides the zip file with the version number that you chose in the form. Obviously you need an active Elegant Themes license to use this tool. Otherwise, it will not work and will return an invalid message.


Please understand that this service is not endorsed by Elegant Themes, but rest assured it is 100% legit and legal. We are merely providing a tool, an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to assemble your username, API key, and version number into the correct URL slug needed to download any version of Divi from your own paid Elegant Themes account. It is totally safe and secure. Nothing is stored on our website. The verification process and file downloads are handled by the Elegant Themes servers and only works if you have an active Elegant Themes account.

There are 17 lines of code used to create the functionality of this tool + the html/css to style the actual form.

screenshot 2021.11.02 10_00_06
how to Install Any Version Of The Divi Theme using the Divi Assistant plugin

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Comments By Others

  1. James

    This is fantastic!

    Any chance this can work for the Divi Builder plugin only?


    • Hemant Gaba

      Hi James!

      Thank you very much! the current setup is for the Divi theme. We’ll look forward to the plugin as well.

  2. OvC

    Yeah… unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    • Hemant Gaba

      HI there!

      Could you please elaborate a little more on what issue are you facing while using the tool?

  3. Pamela Alexander

    This was a lifesaver. Lately Divi’s updates have been causing more issues than usual. This time I had to delete the theme via sFTP because I couldn’t access the WP Dashboard due to a critical error when updating the theme. Fortunately I remembered your blog and was able to obtain and install the version that last worked on that site. Whew, crisis averted. Sending a tip your way for sure!!

  4. Joe

    Hello. I love the style you gave your Hyperlinks in the texts. Have you already made a post on this? I’d like to include it on my site.

  5. Martin

    what a cool idea!


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