How to Fix Issues and Problems with the Divi Theme or Builder

The complete guide on how to solve issues and problems with the Divi Theme or Builder from Elegant Themes. Learn which steps to take to fix Divi!

#2. Enable Safe Mode

A good way to find out what is causing the problem with your Divi website is to go to Divi>Support Center and toggle on the setting for “Safe Mode.” Keep this on and go see if the problem is still happening.

Enabling Safe Mode will temporarily disable features and plugins that may be causing problems with your Elegant Themes product. This includes all Plugins, Child Themes, and Custom Code added to your integration areas. These items are only disabled for your current user session so your visitors will not be disrupted. Enabling Safe Mode makes it easy to figure out what is causing problems on your website by identifying or eliminating third party plugins and code as potential causes.

 Often the problem is due to a plugin conflict. You will have to narrow it down and see which one is the cause. Try to remember the most recent updates or new installations and check those first. Ironically, you will need to turn off Safe Mode in order to test your plugin conflicts. The only way to narrow it down is to deactivate your plugins and re-activate them one by one, checking for the problem after each one.

#3. Update PHP Version

WordPress recently raised the minimum PHP version and it sent some people scrambling. Why? Mostly because the hosting accounts were poor, which resulted in unmonitored PHP versions. It is very important to be sure you are using the recommended PHP version with Divi, and you can find that in the Support Center. It will say something like, We recommend 7.2 or higher for the best experience.

#5. Check the System Status

You need to make sure your hosting configuration is compatible with Divi. To do this, go to Divi>Support Center and look at the System Status. You can choose to show the full report or even copy the report to send to your web hosting or Divi support.

Check the Divi system status for minimum requirements

#6. Use the Version Rollback Feature

If you find yourself on a version with bugs, go ahead and use that super handy new feature to go back to the previous version. You can find this in Theme Options under the Updates tab.

Divi version rollback feature

#7. Contact Support

First determine as best as possible where the issue is, whether it is WordPress or Divi related. If the issue appears to be WordPress related, often your hosting support will help you troubleshoot and fix issues. If they don’t, see point #5 about new hosting.

If the issue is Divi related, contact elegant Themes support first. They will be able to know where the problem is and what steps to take next. Depending on what they find, they may refer you to your hosting provider.

Pro Tip: I usually go ahead and give the support agent what I know they will ask for before they ask. It could save you hours of time.

  1. Go to the Divi>Support Center and turn on the Remote Access toggle.
  2. Turn on the Activate Full Admin Privileges toggle
  3. Copy the support token
  4. Paste the support token in the support chat
  5. Copy and paste the admin url in the support chat (
Divi Support Center

Things To Avoid

  • Don’t use notoriously bad hosts like Godaddy, Bluehost, iPage, etc.
  • Don’t install the Divi Builder with the Divi Theme
  • Don’t update right away. Let’s say version 4.8 comes out. Wait until 4.8.3 for example. This gives the developers time to address any bugs and issues with the bigger update.
  • Don’t have multiple tools doing the same thing. If you have a plugin that minifies CSS, turn off the Minify CSS toggle in Theme Options.
  • Don’t complain in the Facebook groups. Often the problem is one on this list, so be sure you have thoroughly completed all checks first.

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