How To Integrate FluentCRM In The Divi Email Optin Modul Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

How To Integrate FluentCRM In The Divi Email Optin Modul

In This tutorial I will show you how to integrate the popular FluentCRM email marketing tool in the Divi Email Optin module.
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The main purpose of this video is to show the steps that are required to add FluentCRM in the Divi Email Optin module. I will not be sharing about how to set up FluentCRM, as there are many other resources for that.

Install FluentCRM

Naturally, you need to have FluentCRM installed on your website. Follow their onboarding and documentation to get everything set up in their plugin.

Asset 1

FYI: We use FluentCRM on our website to send out the monthly newsletter and other emails, and only spend about $2/month, which is crazy!

Install SMTP

In order to send emails with WordPress, you will need SMTP set up. You could check the FluentSMTP plugin, or if you have our Divi Contact Form Helper you can use the SMTP settings that come with that.

Add The Email Optin Module

Choose where you want user to subscribe to your email marking list. Usually this is in the footer Theme Builder template of your site, or in the sidebar of your blog page or blog posts.

You may want to check out our tutorial about How To Create A Horizontal Inline Divi Email Optin Module. This tutorial provides instructions and code snippets to change the layout for 1, 2, or 3 input fields.

How To Create A Horizontal Inline Divi Email Optin Module With 1 2 Or 3 Fields Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

Follow A Specific Click Sequence To add FluentCRM To the Divi Email Optin module 

Open the Divi Email Optin module settings to the “Email Account” toggle.

1. Select FluentCRM As The Service Provide

From the “Service Provider” dropdown, select “FluentCRM” from the list.

select FluentCRM as the service provider in the Divi Email Optin module

A new “FluentCRM List” dropdown will appear. However, the first time you set up the FluentCRM in Divi, there will not be any list showing – and this is the confusing part. Even if you have a list set up within the FluentCRM plugin, the list will not show here. I don’t know why, and this is the exact reason I was inspired to create this tutorial to explain the process, which is otherwise confusing.

2. Click The “Add” Button

As explained in the note above, there is no list to select. So the next step is to click the gray “Add” button.

click the Add button to connect FluentCRM to the Divi Email Optin module

3. Enter Account Name

This brings up a new “Account Name” field. This is also very confusing. What is an account? I don’t know! But here you need to write any name you want, as this is required in order to make the list show up. You could write the name of the website as the account name.

add the Account Name to integration FluentCRM to the Email Optin module

4. Submit The Account Name

After adding any text in the Account Name filed, click the gray “Submit” button.

click the submit button to integrate FluentCRM and Divi

5. Select An Actual FluentCRM List

For some unknown reason, after adding this mysterious account name, now the “FluentCRM List” dropdown will populate with the actual lists and tags that you have added in the FluentCRM plugin. So go ahead and select the list of your choice here. The list you select is where the users will be added when they subscribe via the Divi Email Option module.

select the FluentCRM email marketing list from the dropdown in the Divi Email Optin module

Adding Additional Email Optin Modules

If you already have submitted the account name, and are adding additional email optin modules on the same website, you can skip most of these steps because the FluentCRM lists will already be populated. In essence, the tutorial here is just about how to get that list populated. 

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