How to remove display errors in the Divi support center using Siteground hosting tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

How To Remove Display Errors And Get All Green Lights In Divi Support Center Using Siteground Hosting

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
This quick guide will show you how to remove display errors and get all green lights in Divi Support Center system status using Siteground hosting!

display_errors In Divi Support Center

Divi has a really great feature called Support Center, where you can do lots of things like see the System Status, enable chat support, remote access, safe mode, and more!

The System Status gives recommendations for making your hosting server compatible and optimized for Divi. If you are like me, you want all of those dots to be green, but you may be struggling to know how.

how to remove dislay errors in Divi support center system status using Siteground hosting

How Did I Get Those Green Dots?

If you don’t have green lights like the image above, then please check out Siteground hosting! We use them for most of our clients sites, and we highly recommend them! If you want hosting that works extremely well with Divi and won’t cause any issues, then click our Siteground affiliate link to get started.

Display Errors

Right out of the box, Siteground meets or exceeds all of the recommended Divi hosting server settings except one, which we can easily change! This is not something most hosts can boast about and I think it is really great. But there is one that needs turned off, and that is something called display_errors. It is a PHP variable meant to show display errors to the developer during site creation, but is not useful for may users. Let’s turn it off and make our final dot green!

remove dislay errors in Divi support center on Siteground hosting

Disable Display Errors In Divi With Siteground Hosting

Now I will show you how easy it is to remove the display errors and make the dot green in the Divi Support Center System Status.

To begin, log in to your Siteground hosting account.

Then go to the “Site Tools” for your website.

Then click on “DEVS” in the left hand sidebar, and select “PHP Manager.”

remove display errors in Siteground

Next, click on the tab called “PHP VARIABLES.” Here you will see a list of all the php variables available on your hosting account.

You may have to click on “Load More” to find “display_errors” from the list.

remove display errors in Siteground with PHP Variables

Once you locate “display_errors,” you will notice the value is set to “On.” We want to change that, so click on the edit icon on the right to change the value.

Edit display errors php variable in Siteground hosting account

In the popup box, simply select “No” and then click “Confirm.”

turn off display errors In Divi in Siteground hosting

Check Your Divi System Status

Now go back to your website to the Divi>Support Center and check the System Status. It will now offer congratulations for configuring your hosting account to be compatible and optimized for Divi! 

get all green lights in Divi support center on Siteground hosting

You can click on “Show Full Report” to see all of the wonderful green dots! Isn’t that a good feeling knowing your site can now perform well?

how to get all green lights in Divi support center system status using Siteground hosting

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Nelson is the owner of Pee-Aye Creative in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. He loves helping small businesses, exploring outdoors, building websites with Divi, and teaching others.

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  1. Tiago Lavis-Fernandes

    Awesome, Siteground is my favourite and Divi just launched a partnership with them! Check out their blog, they created a post about it. Anyway, great blog you have here, love it!

  2. Karen

    Nelson, THANK YOU so much for this post (and also many other great posts.) Divi was displaying oddly — but in Chrome only. I was pulling my hair out, but when I got all green lights all the display issues magically disappeared.

    You have made my day. Thanks for this great blog!

  3. Melissa

    You are really a great teacher.


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