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How To Roll Back Divi To The Previous Version After An Update

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In this tutorial I will show you how to easily roll back the Divi Theme to the previous version before an update.

Fix The Oopsie

Sometimes you update the Divi theme and realize there are issues with the new version. This could be due to accidentally turning on auto-updates, not using a staging site to test first, or just something you overlooked if you were in a hurry, or you simply didn’t care enough. If you do have issues after an update, there are several troubleshooting steps to take to solve them, but the easiest and fastest way, although temporary, is to undo the update. In this tutorial I will show you how to roll back to a previous version of the Divi theme before the last update.

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Things To Check And Consider Before Rolling Back

Rolling back the Divi theme to the previous version may seem like a good idea. After all, the previous version was working great, so why not keep that? But going backwards is not a good trend. Updates happen for a reason, and finding out why there are issues is better than avoiding them. A rollback is not  permanent solution, but it can certainly be useful and helpful at times. Below are three considerations to make when deciding if you should roll back or not.

What Troubleshooting Steps Did You Take?

I recommend doing some basic troubleshooting for a few minutes before clicking the roll back button. You don’t have to be an expert developer to solve problems, you just have to follow a few steps. I highly recommend checking and bookmarking one of our most popular and helpful posts, How To Fix Divi – this is a complete guide on how to solve issues and problems with Divi. I can almost guarantee something there will solve any issue.

Man explaining Divi troubleshooting tips.

How Bad Is The Issue?

The key is to decide how urgent and critical the issue is that you are facing. If you update Divi and notice some horrible changes (unlikely) then it may be a serious enough issue to warrant a rollback. If there are only a few issues or less damaging ones, then I suggest quickly going through the list of steps from the How To Fix Divi guide.

How Long Will It Take?

It is important not to let the site in a poor condition for very long. If you make some quick checks and still face the issue, then it may be wise to roll back, then test and troubleshoot the issues on a staging site first. The main issue with waiting is having a live site with potential issues that the visitors will see. Nobody wants that, so that’s why sometimes a simple rollback is the most feasible solution at the time.

How To Undo A Divi Update And Roll Back The Previous Version

After deciding that a rollback is necessary, go ahead and go to your Divi Theme Options area. Click on the Updates tab, and here you will see a setting called “Version Rollback” with a gray button that says “Rollback To The Previous Version.”

The “Version Rollback” feature in Divi only lets you go back to the previous version you had installed, and does not let you go back to the actual previous version or any other version. Due to this limitation, we recommend using our other solution to roll back to ANY version of Divi.

Man explaining switching to any Divi version.
Divi version rollback feature

Fun Fact: “Roll back” is the verb form. “Rollback” is a noun. Their setting label is correct, their button is wrong. 🙂 But how cares! haha

Incidentally, the same holds true for log in and login.

Read The Help Text

The help text in the right-hand side of the setting in Theme Options gives a pretty nice summary of this feature. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Divi Theme Version Rollback feature explanation

Click The Gray Rollback Button

After reading the message and understanding what you are doing, go ahead and click the gray rollback button. You will then get a popup message like this:

Divi Theme Version Rollback message

Here the popup message will say which version number it will go back to and which one you have currently. If you are curious about what changes were made in each version, check out our free simplified Divi changelog!

Rolling back will reinstall the previous version of Divi. You will be able to update to the latest version at any time, meaning if you roll back you can click update again.

Notice it says to make sure to have a full site backup before proceeding. Make sure you check our guide on Divi website backups.

Click The Blue Rollback Button

When you click the blue button, the website will install the previous version of Divi.

Update Again

If you roll back but then try to click the gray rollback button again, it will not let you. You can only roll back one version. The popup message will explain that you already rolled back, and encourages you to update.

Whenever you are ready to update again, after creating a backup and testing on a staging site, you can go ahead and update Divi to the latest version.

Divi Theme Version Rollback update to the latest
how to Install Any Version Of The Divi Theme using the Divi Assistant plugin

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  1. Raeanne Wright-Emory

    Thank you so much for this! It saved my butt today 🙂 The new version is causing all kinds of conflicts with my site, and it looks like Elegant Themes is aware of the issues and working on it, as they had a note right in their support Chat window about it. I’ve never had to do this before and really appreciate the tip!


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