How To Set An Auto Updating Footer Copyright Year Footer Credits In Divi Without Code Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
This trick will show you how to easily set an auto-updating footer copyright year directly in the Divi Builder with dynamic content!

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Just Add A Text Module!

To get started, add a Text Module to your layout wherever you want it. You probably will want to add this to a footer section, whether that is in your Theme Builder or just in your page layout.

Copyright © 2023 Your Website Name

Step 1. Add Text Module

Step 2. Choose Dynamic Content Icon

How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code

Step 3. Choose “Current Date”

How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code

Step 4. Fill In The Fields

Before: Copyright © (notice the space after the symbol)

After: Type your website name here

Date Format: Choose “Custom” from the dropdown list

Custom Date Format: Here you need to type a capital “Y”

How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code
How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code

And that’s it! Simple as that.

Bonus #1

Dynamically Add The Site Title!

Too lazy to type your site name? Want that to be automatic also? Great, we have another hack for you! Just add a second text module, and this time choose the “Site Title” in the dynamic content.

Next, add a CSS class to the ROW Custom CSS field called “pa-inline-module.” Basically we need to move the two separate modules to stack side by side with each other so they line up horizontally.

Copy the CSS snippet below into your Divi>Theme Options>Custom CSS box.

.pa-inline-module .et_pb_text {
  display: inline-block!important;

Add about 4px of margin between them and you now have a 100% automatic footer copyright text in Divi! 

Bonus #2

Add Legal Links

You even use html in the “After” field, so just go for it! Nothing holding you back!

Copyright © 2023 Your Website Name | Privacy Policy
How To Set An Auto-Updating Footer Copyright Year In Divi Without Code

Last updated [last-modified %date%]


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Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

Nelson is the owner of Pee-Aye Creative in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. He loves helping small businesses, exploring outdoors, building websites with Divi, and teaching others.

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  1. Adrian

    Simple and elegant solution and very much appreciated warmest regards Adrian

  2. ECDJ

    Awesome, I have been looking for a solution like this!

  3. Joerg

    Thank you for your work!

    One question, how I can set this in the bottom line at the end of the page (under the footer)?

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

      Hi Joerg,
      You are welcome! To do tha, just create a footer later in the Theme Builder with a section that has the text module in it like in the tutorial. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Cyberfingers

    In your video you added custom CSS to page not Copy the CSS snippet below into your Divi>Theme Options>Custom CSS. I was not able to get this to work with the Divi -> Them Builder -> Global FooterPage Footer. Could you include more instruction how to do this (video demonstration would be perfect). THANKS for sharing

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher)

      Hey there,
      In a lot of my tutorials I add CSS to the page so that we can see them live, but then I always say to paste it in the Theme Options or child theme. However, this tutorial does not use any code, so are you referring to the inline module bonus part? That should work fine as written, so I’d need more info to understand why it isn’t for you.

  5. Nikki Fryn

    Yet another gem, Nelson! Thank you. You’re helping me look like I know what I’m doing, more and more 🙃

  6. Sheila Hoffman

    Thanks SO much. I’m glad I found this. Invaluable. Will share widely.

  7. Randy

    So what I’d like to do is create a footer like the footer on this site: copyright LOGO website by

  8. Kelly Morris

    Thanks for that. Really simple and really useful.

  9. Zin

    Thank you

  10. Ronnie

    One question? How to you make the copyright and privacy links centered. <center> in there is not working for me by adding that code in the After section or the Before section.

    • Hemant Gaba

      Instead of placing this snippet:

      .pa-inline-module .et_pb_text {
      display: inline-block!important;

      Go to the Row in which you have placed the modules. After that go to the Row Settings > Column Settings in which the text modules are > Advanced > Custom CSS > Main Element and place the code given below:

      display: flex;
      justify-content: center;

      This will bring your modules in a single line and in the center as well. Please let us know how it goes.

  11. Sue Kelly

    Great article! Is it possibe to add a reminder to subscribe to my newsletter with a button leading to a sign up form after the main links you mentioned in the article, I.e. “Don’t leave without becoming a RR Insider! with button saying “START HERE?

  12. Stephanie

    My year is showing as 2019 but the site settings has the current date. Any suggestions on how to fix this or why it’s pulling 2019 and not 2021? Thanks!

    • Stephanie

      Never mind I figured it out. I had it set as publish date but needed to use the current date option.

      • Hemant Gaba

        Hi Stephanie,

        We are glad that the problem is solved now. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. 🙂

  13. Jaime Flores

    where do i find the text or link for the privacy policy page?

    • Hemant Gaba

      Hi Jaime,

      At the end of every page, you will find a link named Legal. You need to click on that and the page that you will be redirected to will show you all the information about out Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and much more.

      Here is the link for you:

  14. Tobi

    Best solution ever 😉

  15. Geo

    Alternatively you can use a simple jQuery implementation to add auto year update on the default footer bar:

    $(“.copy-footer”).prepend(new Date().getFullYear());

    Edit footer credits like this
    Your credits text after the year goes here

  16. Dwayne

    Great way to handle this. Thanks for taking the time to make this post.

  17. Sam

    Awesome solution. Works well, thanks for this information.

    • Hemant Gaba

      Hey Sam,

      We are glad to hear that. Stay tuned for more such guides. 🙂

  18. Jackie

    Thanks for this and many other helpful Divi tips and tricks!


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