How To Set Conditional Admin Email Address Routing In The Divi Contact Form Tutorial By Pee Aye Creative

How To Set Conditional Admin Email Address Routing In The Divi Contact Form

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up conditional admin email address routing based on selections in the Divi Contact Form module.

NOTE: You can only achieve this by using the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin! I rarely do tutorials that feature our plugins without some free alternative, but for something like this, there is simply no possible way to achieve it.

Divi Contact Form Helper by Pee Aye Creative

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1. Install The Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin

The first step to set up conditional email routing is to install the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin. This plugin adds tons of settings and feature directly to the existing Contact Form module, and email routing is one of them. 

2. Set Up Your Contact Form Fields

The email routing feature will work by send the message to a specific email dress based on the select form fields using field IDs and their values. If you do not have the form added yet, please add the module to your layout and set up your fields. If you already have it set up, it will be a good idea to review the fields and check the field IDs. You will need to have either a dropdown field, checkboxes, or radio buttons for this to work. Take special note to the field IDs. We will come back to this in step #4.

3. Enable The Conditional Email Routing Setting

After the fields are set up, scroll down to the “Admin Email” settings group toggle. There you will see various settings related to the admin email. Enable the “Use Conditional Email Address Routing” setting. Enabling the setting will show a new textarea box for writing the email address routing logic. 

conditional email address routing in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

4. Write the Email Routing Logic

The email address routing textarea is where you will tell the plugin where to send the message based on specific criteria. Don’t worry about writing logic, it is very easy to do! Be sure to follow the video if you get stuck!

As mentioned before, the email routing works by using the form field ID and value. You will need to enter the field IDs and option values in a specific pattern. The pattern of the email routing conditional logic is like this:

Single Address Logic Pattern

FIELD_ID::Option Value:emailaddress|Option Value:emailaddress

Go to the field used as the selection options and check the Field ID. You will see it when you open up the field. In the example in the video, the Field_4 is a radio button field type with Option A and Option B options. This means if the person filling out the form selects Option A, it will send to [email protected], or if they select Option B, it will send to [email protected]

Simple Example From Video:

Field_4::Option A:[email protected]|Option B:[email protected]

The example I shared above was simple, but the plugin also has the ability to take it the next level by sending the form to more than one email address. To do this, you need to add multiple sets of logic separated by commas. 

Multiple Addresses Logic Pattern

FIELD_ID::Option Value:emailaddress|Option Value:emailaddress,
FIELD_ID::Option Value:emailaddress|Option Value:emailaddress

In the example in the video, the Departments field is checkboxes with Research and Development options. The Sales field is radio buttons with Onboarding and Promotion options. The Distribution field is a select dropdown with Packaging and Shipping options.

Advanced Example From Video

Departments::Market Research:[email protected]|Product Development:[email protected],
Sales::Onboarding:[email protected]|Promotion:[email protected]|General Inquiry:[email protected],
Distribution::Packaging:[email protected]|Shipping:[email protected]

The message will send to any/all matching options.

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