How To Show The Last Modified Timestamp On A Page Or Post In Divi Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

How To Show The Last Modified Timestamp On A Page Or Post In Divi

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
In this tutorial I will show you how to add the dynamic last modified date of the current post or page in Divi.

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2. Add A Text Module

A lot of the dynamic content features in Divi work great with a good ‘ole Text module. That is especially true for text-based content, such as the date the post was published or updated. So for the second step, go ahead and add a Text module. 

I recommend using a Theme Builder template for blog posts, so if you do not have that set up, go ahead and do that first.

3. Select The Dynamic Content Modified Date Option

Within the Text module, click the dynamic content icon. This opens the Divi dialog window with a list of options to choose. You may be familiar with a similar option pictured below called the Publish Date which is used to show a timestamp of when the current post or page was published.

showing the post or page publish date option in the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin

But that is not what we want. Instead, we want to find a new option that is added when our Divi Dynamic Helper plugin is active. This new option may show a slightly different name depending on the context. If you are adding this to a Page, it will say “Page Modified Date” or if you are adding this in a Theme Builder template it may say “Body Template Modified Date.”

post modified date in the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin

After selecting this option and saving the module, it will automatically show the date on the frontend of when the post or page was last updated.

4. Optional: Set Date Format

After selecting the Modified Date, a new inner window will appear. In this window you will have the option to select the date format. This once again is a great example of how “native” this feature integrates into the Divi interface.

showing the date format options in the last modified date in Divi

5. Optional: Add Text Before Or After

Here’s a great tip! You can use the Before or After pseudo fields for adding text before and after the date. I really like this feature, because it allows you to write something like “Last Modified:” to show before the actual timestamp.

showing how to use the last post or page publish date in the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin

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