How to Test your Divi Website Speed and Performance

Are you ready to test your Divi website speed? This article will help you choose the right tools to test your load time and performance.

Website Speed Test Tools

Today, we are going to discuss the top 5 site analysis software that you can apply on your brand site to check its loading time and page load time. The main goal of these tools is to get the best results in terms of load time, execution time and the overall working of the site. The most important thing is the ranking for our site and speed plays an important role in the overall ranking of any site.

1. Pingdom Analysis System

Pingdom is one of the top leading names in the market. The tool is available for free of cost for public use. The user interface is specially designed for a person who is relatively new in this niche. The tool will show you overall results in the form of a sheet where you can identify the points that you need to focus on for better speed. The page and overall website speed are determined on the results that are achieved on this software.

2. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

The company introduced an easy to use for SEO experts. This can analyze the overall insights of your site. The tool focuses on many major points that can affect the page of your website. This amazing tool comes with all the features that are equally beneficial for a beginner and a pro. It will also suggest changes and suggestions that you need to make for the better performance of your pages.

3. Google Page Insights

Google has already announced that website speed is one of the most important factors that you need to focus on. If your site is taking minutes to load, how can you expect better ranking in search results? To facilitate bloggers and developers, Google introduced its own system. Almost every SEO expert is using this amazing tool.

4. GTmetrix

If you want to optimize the site for best performance then we will suggest this amazing product. This is all in one tool for every user. It will focus on every little detail like how much time is required to play video on your site and how fast your main page is loading content on the screen.

5. WebPage Test

If you need more detailed results and above-mentioned tools are not enough for you then the WebPage test tool is the best to pick for your site. It will analyze every small aspect of the site that can impact the page speed like the content blocking errors, broken URLs and overall response. The data obtained from this tool really helps to improve the performance of the site.

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